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How you make money

As with other trading platforms, you earn a return from stock price appreciation and dividends. Like other platforms, you can trade stocks and ETFs with the key differentiator being the focus on custodial accounts for your kids. Easily manage their accounts with no added fees.

How Loved makes money

1. Rebates from market makers and trading venues 2. Income generated from cash 3. Stock loan income from counterparties


Loved is operated by Elevated Principles Inc. (“Loved”), a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. Brokerage services are provided to Loved by Apex Clearing Corporation. Loved has a legal duty to act in the interests of its clients. Loved utilizes brokerage services provided by Apex Clearing Corporation, a member of FINRA & SIPC. SIPC protects against the loss of securities or cash with $500,000 of protection, which includes a $250,000 limit for cash.

Things to know

  • You make money onValue + Dividends
  • Payout frequencyQuarterly
  • LiquidityEasy
  • Fees0%
  • Term of investmentZero
  • Open toAll Investors


  • Country availabilityUS only
  • Established2018
  • Assets under managementUnknown
  • Mobile ApplicationIOS, Android

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Any references to past performance, regarding financial markets or otherwise, do not indicate or guarantee future results.

Forward-looking statements, including without limitations investment outcomes and projections, are hypothetical and educational in nature. The results of any hypothetical projections can and may differ from actual investment results had the strategies been deployed in actual securities accounts.

Is it Safe?

Low risk

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Why Invest

  • Open custodial accounts for your under 18 kids and give them a view only login
  • Commission free trading and no account minimum
  • Receive cash from anyone and send stocks to others

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