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Real Estate Investing for Everyone. Invest in a portfolio of revenue-producing commercial properties


How you make money

Like a dividend-paying stock, Modiv' REIT provides steady monthly dividend income (under normal circumstances). You can choose to receive your dividends in cash or reinvest them. You will also benefit from the increasing property value over time. This can result in higher dividend payments due to rent increases or if the property is sold.

How Modiv makes money

Approximately 8%–12% of the cost of the Modiv REIT is spent on broker-dealer and dealer-manager costs, leaving about 88%–92% of investment dollars being placed into actual real estate. Midiv’s business model is performance based. The first 6.5% of profits is paid out to shareholders — Modiv makes money only if the investments deliver — and their share is 40% of profits once the investment exceeds the 6.5% hurdle.


Potential For Loss: With any investment, there is a potential for loss. There is less risk with real estate that your investment will go to $0, since it is still backed by real property (unless you invest in an unsecured investment). However, there are plenty of ways to lose money - from vacancies, to incomplete rehabs, poor selling markets, inability to refinance, and more. Lack of Liquidity: Real estate investments are not liquid. Once you invest, typically you can't get your money back until there is a liquidity event - refinancing or sale.​ Platform Risk: With any online platform, there is a risk of fraud and lack of due diligence. Many investors rely on the platform to help assess this, but as an investor, you need to do your own homework.

Things to know

  • You make money onDividends + Value
  • Payout frequencyMonthly
  • LiquidityModerate
  • Fees0%
  • Term of investment60+ months
  • Open toAll Investors


  • Country availabilityWorldwide
  • Established2012
  • Assets under management$450M
  • Mobile Application No

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Why Invest

  • Liquidity. They have established a monthly Share Repurchase Program
  • Passive investing into a portfolio of revenue-producing commercial properties
  • Potential tax savings

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