MWM Fund

MWM Fund

Real Estate

Earn Passive Income with Mortgage Notes. Be a part of earning a double bottomline of profit and purpose. They work with struggling homeowners loans to repair, renew and give them a second shot of homeownership all while turning a profit for our investors.

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They give individuals instant access to a fund that invests in mortgage notes. They do the dirty work of mortgage note investing and you enjoy the dividends if they are successful. Investing with the MWM fund does two things - it allows you an opportunity to earn passive income while helping someone stay in their home.


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Why Invest

  • Make a difference in our country and be proud of your investment
  • An easy diversification away from strictly real estate
  • Easy access and low buy in gives everyone a chance to get involved

How you make money

You make a profit if the revenue – the proceeds they receive from the sale or other dispositions of loans, the proceeds they receive from selling houses, and any loan payments they receive from homeowners along the way – exceeds the price they paid for the loans in the first place, after subtracting all the expenses (e.g., loan servicing costs and management and legal fees). In order to pay MWM, your earnings will be capped at 10% IRR.

How MWM Fund makes money

Your earnings at MWM fund are capped at 10% IRR.  MWM takes any excess earnings of over 10% as their payment.

Is it Safe?

Recognizing that cyber-security is a major concern, they have taken extensive measures to have a safe and secure network. They have entrusted this security with Sudrania Fund Services. They also offer under regulation A and are Qualified by the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). With that said, the ability of the company to make the distributions you expect, and ultimately to give you your money back, depends on a number of factors, including some beyond its control. Nobody guarantees that you will receive distributions.

Things to know

  • You make money onInterest
  • Fees0%
  • Payout frequencyQuarterly
  • Term of investment60+ months
  • LiquidityModerate
  • Open toAll Investors


  • Country availabilityWorldwide
  • Assets under managementUnknown
  • Established2019
  • Mobile Application No

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