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No B.S. Just results. Instantly get an actively managed portfolio that's invested with world-class fund managers. Get exposure to exciting alternative asset classes that you may never have heard of—best of all, no fee unless we make you money.

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Premium investing made easy. Active investing with Wall Street's top fund managers. Round was founded by a financier and software engineer who were fed up with the generic investment platforms out there. They wanted to build an investment platform they’d actually use, so they started Round. They built Round to cut out the middlemen and make it easier to get an institutional-grade portfolio. You will get a high grade portfolio with a fee structure that was built for you, just 0.5% annually and the fee is waived for any negative month.



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Why Invest

  • Get exposure to more than generic ETFs
  • Former fund managers actively managing your portfolio
  • Worry less with a focus on both growth + protection

How you make money

Based on your unique needs, they curate a mix of world-class fund managers and invest with them on your behalf. Once you’re invested, these fund managers look after your investments every single day, investing in areas beyond just generic stocks and bonds. They constantly analyze and diligence your fund managers to make sure you always have the top investors looking after your money. The goal of Round is to provide stable returns that are less correlated to the stock market. This means that unlike passive Robo advisors and portfolios, Round portfolios look to provide capital preservation as well as long term growth—so you’re getting the same level of care as the ultra-wealthy.

How Round makes money

You will pay an annual fee equal to 0.5% of your Round account balance for brokerage, custodial, investment advisory and other related services ('Program Fee'). The Program Fee does not include the Fund Expenses and Other Fees.  Assets held in your Round account acquired through dividend reinvestments and automatic programs are also subject to the Program Fee. The Program Fee will be prorated and charged monthly in arrears, based upon your monthly ending balance in your Round account. If at the end of the month your return for that month is negative, Round will waive the Program Fee for that month.


Your Round account may include shares of ETFs, mutual funds and/or money market funds (‘Funds’). As an investor in these Funds, you are responsible for the Fund level expenses, which are described in the applicable Fund prospectus or prospectus supplement. Additionally, you may incur certain other charges imposed by third-party financial institutions. These additional costs may include but are not limited to: reporting charges (typically where the financial institution is required to send paper statements), margin costs, transfer taxes, wire transfer and electronic fund fees.

Is it Safe?

Your money is held in an account under your own name at their partner custodian and broker-dealer, Apex Clearing. Your investments are covered up to $500,000 (or $250,000 in cash) through the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC). Your account information is also stored on their servers and communication is encrypted in the Round app. All the communications between their system and providers are established via encrypted channels using Secure HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTPS) with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates using 256-bit encryption. Your account uses TouchID/FaceId or your password to log you in and they do not store your full social security number or bank login information on their servers.

Things to know

  • You make money onDividends + Value
  • Fees0.5%
  • Payout frequencyQuarterly
  • Term of investmentZero
  • LiquidityEasy
  • Open toAll Investors


  • Country availabilityUS only
  • Assets under managementUnknown
  • Established2016
  • Mobile ApplicationIOS

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Any references to past performance, regarding financial markets or otherwise, do not indicate or guarantee future results.

Forward-looking statements, including without limitations investment outcomes and projections, are hypothetical and educational in nature. The results of any hypothetical projections can and may differ from actual investment results had the strategies been deployed in actual securities accounts.


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