A diversified fund of alternative asset classes - art, wine, music, students, startups, and more.



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Hedonova is a single fund for all alternative assets, open to US and international investors with a minimum investment of $1000.


They invest in asset classes like art, wine, real estate, cryptos, students, music, equipment financing, litigation funding, and more. Real estate investments are focused on warehouses and data center properties. Startup investments are focused on unicorns and there is adequate exposure to high yield emerging market investments as well.


Investors buy into a Delware LLCa506(b) structure which is the typical structure of US hedge funds. 

Things to Know

  • You make money on


  • Fees


  • Min Investment


  • Payout frequency

    Asset sold

  • Term of investment

    36+ months

  • Target Return

    25% - 30%

  • Liquidity


  • Open to

    All Investors

  • Mobile Application

    iOS, Android

Top Perks

  • A very diversified portfolio of alternative assets.

  • Low minimum investment and open to international investors.

  • Liquidity in 30 days and not subject to asset sales or majority votes of other investors.

How you make money

Think of Hedonova as a mutual fund for alternative assets. Investors are allocated 'blocks' that are similar to units in mutual funds. As the value of investments rises, the value of the block rise accordingly. Cash flows like rents from real estate holdings and lease payments from equipment financing are re-invested back into the fund.

How Hedonova makes money

Hedonova charges a 1% annual management fee and a 10% performance fee on the profits.

Is it safe?

Hedonova was founded in 2020, and for the first year of the fund invested only the founders' own money, in order to demonstrate a track record of success and legitimacy. The team has extensive prior experience in finance and asset management and many users comment favorably on the accessibility of that team and the individual attention they provide to their investors.

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Reviews (2)

The best way of investing in alts for non-accredited investors !!! I have been trying to find a way to invest in alts for some time now, in order to mitigate my exposure to the stock market. Although there has been a lot of progress made by multiple investing bodies through ownership tokenization, in many cases the room to move for non-US investors is limited, or it is available only for accredited investors. Hedonova resolves this issue by providing low entry access to a number of alternative investments, while keeping the funds sufficiently liquid in case of need. It has permitted me to diversify my investment, and it is already providing great results even in the hard times that we live in. The user interface still has a way to go, and the mobile application is on its way, but the most important information about portfolio value is there, updated daily and e-mailed weekly. It's true it is a new fund, but it is quite unique in what it offers, and I'm being very positive about it. Support is also great and very responsive in a couple of cases that I required, and everyone is very professional.



Good return, great service, no frills, cons listed Pretty much the title. Returns. It’s been a year now since I started investing and I’m more than impressed with the returns generated which was pre tax bordering 60%. Granted it’s a bullish year so I’m going to expect market beating returns in the coming years. Customer service is where they stand out over other platforms. I have a dedicated account manager who is friendly and more like an investor buddy than a support representative. So 10/10 there. Cons. Investment is via ACH transfers or card so they have to really work on bank account linking. A self directed IRA also should be supported. Update: SD-IRA is supported now through AltoIRA Overall very good and no nonsense investment platform.