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In 2021, the whiskey market was valued at $79.6 billion and was predicted to grow to $109 billion by 2025. According to the Knight Fran Luxury Index, rare whiskey has appreciated by 564% over the past 10 years. A single bottle of Macallan 1926 even sold for over $1 million at a Bonhams auction in 2018.


Whiskeyvest is a spinoff of Vinovest—one of the most popular wine investing platforms on the market. With Whiskeyvest, you can diversify your investment portfolio with rare whiskey casks in a way that’s hassle-free, secure and relatively affordable


Whiskeyvest’s experts and data scientists help you pick the best whiskeys at competitive prices, and take care of authenticating, storing, and insuring your casks. Whiskeyvest also identifies the best time to sell your whiskey to maximize your returns.

Things to Know

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    60+ months

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Top Perks

  • The Rare Whisky Icon 100 Index has grown by 391% from 2012-2022—outperforming traditional markets.

  • Whiskey has a low correlation to traditional markets, with its price historically increasing during stock market downturns.

  • Whiskey prices are relatively steady as the market’s driven by long-term factors like aging and rarity.

  • Whiskey investments are not taxed in select countries.

How you make money

The whiskey experts and data scientists at Whiskeyvest will work with you to identify the best time to sell your whiskey and maximize returns.


Whiskeyvest will then facilitate the sale of your cask to a distillery, independent bottler, or a private collector.

How Whiskeyvest makes money

Users who invest a higher amount pay lower management fees. 


Whiskeyvest does not take a commission on the sale of your casks.

Is it safe?

Whiskeyvest’s parent company Vinovest is backed by leading VC firms like 10X Capital, Rainfall Ventures and UpHonest Capital. Whiskeyvest has also partnered with a dozen experienced distillers to store your whiskey while it ages.

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