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As of 2020, the total market cap of all publicly traded stocks stood at $93.7 trillion. And at its peak, the crypto market reached a market cap of $2.9 trillion. Over the past 10 years, stocks and crypto returned 152.90% and 12,923% respectively. Not to mention,  Gold is a reliable safe-haven asset, with a total market cap of $11 trillion and a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.4% since 2000. takes the pain out of money management by offering AI-powered investment strategies called Investment Kits. Investment Kits are designed to follow specific investment themes like clean energy, cutting-edge technology or the weakening US dollar. 

There’s no more human intervention in asset selection for Investment Kits.’s AI uses the features of the securities over a multi-year history to “learn” and make weekly investment decisions. The result: a simplified investment experience in which AI manages your portfolio by trading stocks and ETFs on your behalf.

Things to Know

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    Value + Dividends

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    Primary Sale

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    60+ months

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Top Perks

  • High growth

  • High liquidity

  • Hedging inflation

How you make money automatically allocates your money to a portfolio of stocks, ETFs & cryptos or other assets called an Investment KIt. 

These Investment Kits buy assets through a broker on behalf of the user and the assets could appreciate over time, thus allowing the user to make money. 

To cash in your gains, you can initiate a withdrawal, which requires the selling of assets from the specific Kit(s) they are withdrawing from. The AI Portfolio will automatically optimize the portfolio for maximum performance when a withdrawal is initiated.

How makes money does not currently charge any fees for its services; however, they are exploring additional premium services for the future.

Is it safe? is backed by Forbes—one of the top five financial sites in the world by traffic. The company is also registered with the SEC, and is FDIC insured.

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