Sommtrust is the first-ever actively managed wine investment strategy available to all. They make it easier for people to participate in wine investing, without the hassle of trading and researching investment grade wines on their own.  Sommtrust automatically invests your capital directly in a selection of high-quality wines vetted by their Master Sommeliers.



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Sommtrust removes all the hassle when it come to invest in wine. They conduct deep fundamental and quantitative research to identify high performing wines for the next 5+ years. Then they source wines from wineries, global wine exchanges, and merchants. Through their direct connections with producers and merchants, Sommtrust is often able to source wines for below retail price, always reliable and transparent. Sommtrust also stores the wines for you in their state of-the-art storage facilities which are humidity and temperature controlled and fully insured.

Things to Know

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    60+ months

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Top Perks

  • Fine wine has a negative correlation to traditional financial assets, making it stable even during times of economic uncertainty.

  • The best wines are highly restricted in supply and face increasing demand, which has pushed their value higher.

  • Diversify your portfolio by investing in an asset class that institutional investors and high net worth individuals have been investing in for decades.

How you make money

Sommtrust invests your capital in high-quality wines vetted through deep fundamental research by their Master Sommeliers and Research team. Your portfolio is updated when the they see a better risk/reward opportunity than an existing wine holding(s). Sommtrust is a long-term focused with low turnover.

How Sommtrust makes money

Sommtrust charges a 2.7% annual fee for their Basic plan. This includes wine buying, wine fraud detection, and selling as well as active management of your portfolio. They do not charge any buying or selling fee. Sommtrust’s fee is prorated across the year based on the average balance in your account, and a portion of this is charged monthly.

Is it safe?

Fine wine as an asset class has outperformed most global equities with 13.6% annualized return over the past 15 years. Furthermore there is a negative correlation between the wine market and traditional financial assets, reducing your portfolio risk exposure during times of economic uncertainty.


Sommtrust locates, acquires, authenticates and stores your wines in their state-of-the-art storage facilities. They also fully insure your wines against breakage and loss. 

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