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Real Estate

Invest in recession-proof real estate—from dollar stores to gas stations.
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Real Estate



8+ Employees

Experienced across real estate, hedge funds & fintech


Target Return

Returns come from rental income and capital appreciation



You may request to sell your shares back to Elevate


8+ Employees

Experienced across real estate, hedge funds & fintech

How You Earn

Growth + Income

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Real Estate


8+ Employees

Experienced across real estate, hedge funds & fintech

Open to US Investors

Top Perks of Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have outperformed stock indexes over the last 20-50 years.

The value of real estate owned by private REITs is over $1 trillion.

REITs are a pass-through tax entity, meaning that their dividends can be partially or totally “sheltered” from taxation.

REITs generally pay higher dividends—4% to 8%—compared to normal stocks.

Elevate Money's FOHF Fund combines the benefits of traditional REITs with innovative, sustainable solutions like Boxabl Casitas to address housing affordability.

Can I trust Elevate Money?

Elevate Money includes alums of real estate investment companies such as RichUncles.com, Acorns, and ROCA LLC. They have raised $4 million from angel investors.


# of Users


Amount Raised



# of Users


Amount Raised





# of Users


Amount Raised




The U.S. commercial real estate market is worth $16 trillion, making it a significant value-center. However, it has been historically inaccessible to common investors due to the required large upfront investment. Elevate Money is changing that by offering a platform for users to invest in professionally managed REITs starting at just $100.


Elevate’s REIT portfolio consists of properties leased to recession-proof businesses like dollar stores, gas stations, and fast-food restaurants, such as Family Dollar, Shell, and Taco Bell.

Elevate Money partnered with Boxabl to create a fund that supports affordable housing initiatives, making it an attractive investment avenue.


By investing in Elevate’s REIT gets you:

• Strong corporate credit backing the lease
• Predictable and stable monthly rental income 
• Low correlation to the stock market because it’s private


The cherry on top? Elevate Money pays its investors a 6.5% APY every month from the rental income, making it an appealing option for those seeking regular returns.

High Income

6.5% APY

Low Correlation

0.25 correlation to the S&P 500


Fractional ownership of commercial properties

Elevate Money Pros & Cons

The Good
  • Elevate owns and operates the properties offered on the platform, meaning its interests are more aligned with customers.

  • Benefit from the consistent cash flow and growth of commercial real estate—9.5% on average.

  • Elevate has paid an annual dividend of 6.5% since September 2021, above average for REITs.

  • Invest from as low as $100.

The Not-So-Good
  • Elevate has a complicated fee structure, charging acquisition (3%) and annual management (1%) and performance fees.

  • Users cannot sell their REIT shares whenever they want and must contact Elevate to do so.

Elevate Track Record


Deals Funded

A Family Dollar & Shell Gas Station



Paid out since 2021



Across 2 properties & 1.8k users

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How it Works

Here’s how Elevate helps users invest in recession-proof real estate:

Here’s how Elevate helps users invest in recession-proof real estate:


Sign up on Elevate Money

You’ll need an email and U.S. phone number to register. Then, you’ll verify your identity.


Deposit funds to get started

You can do a one-time deposit of funds or recurring deposits. Invest from $100.


Your funds will be allocated into properties

Elevate will automatically put your money to work in vetted commercial properties on its platform. These platforms are also managed in-house, rather than being outsourced to third-parties.


Earn monthly dividends

The company pays 6.5% APY every month from the rental income generated by its properties.

See inside MoneyMade’s 6-figure multi-asset portfolio


12+ Assets

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4yr+ Returns

How You
Make Money

Elevate Money has consistently paid a 6.5% APY every month to shareholders of its REIT. It also allows shareholders to benefit from the upside of the properties, if and when the properties are reappraised.

If you’re looking to exit your Elevate investment,  you can request to sell your shares back to Elevate at any time. Elevate Money will repurchase shares at their current value minus a 1% fee for shares owned for less than a year, subject to approval from their REIT's Board of Directors. For shares held longer than 1 year, there is no exit fee.


6.5% APY paid out monthly

Primary Sale

Elevate can sell properties at its discretion

Secondary Sale

Sell shares back to Elevate

How Elevate Money
Makes Money

When Elevate’s REIT buys a property, the company (through its affiliate) earns an acquisition fee of 3% and an annual asset management fee of 1% of the property value.

Additionally, Elevate's affiliate earns a 15% commission when the REIT returns over 6%—aligning the company's interests with those of its shareholders.


Acquisition Fee

When the REIT purchases a property.


Fee Per Year

Based on the property value.


Profit Share

On REIT returns above 6%

How You’re Taxed

Elevate Money’s properties are owned in the structure of a real estate investment trust (REIT). A REIT is a pass-through tax entity, where tax shelter benefits like depreciation are “passed through” from the REIT to the REIT shareholder investors (you).

This means that the dividends investors receive from Elevate’s REIT can be partially or totally “sheltered” from taxation, depending on their share of the depreciation deductions and other and other REIT expense tax write-offs.

Another benefit of REIT ownership is that the tax information you receive is in a simple one-page 1099 form. No messy K-1’s or other complicated tax return information reporting.

Down the road, if you elect to submit your REIT shares for repurchase, the amount you receive could result in a capital gains taxable event. Usually, capital gains tax rates are lower than ordinary income tax rates.

Your tax advisor or accountant would be able to provide more exact details, based upon your unique circumstances.


Income Tax

Most REIT dividends are taxed at ordinary income tax rates


Capital Gains

The sale of Elevate property incurs long-term capital gains tax.

Meet the Team

Elevate Money’s 8-person team is experienced across real estate, hedge funds & fintech.

Harold Hofer, CEO of Elevate Money, is a real estate crowdfunding pioneer—having co-founded one of the first platforms of its kind in 2012. His leadership has seen the company purchase half a billion dollars worth of real estate.

Additionally, Elevate Money’s Chief Investment Officer David Perduk was formerly an executive at real estate giant CBRE.

Elevate Money


(2 Reviews)

Real Estate

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US resident
Non-accredited & Accredited investors
Over 18 years of age
US resident
Non-accredited & Accredited investors
Over 18 years of age


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Very easy to set up and great design. I'm paid dividends every month (which I reinvest). Great experience