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Earn passive income, and hedge against inflation with a diversified portfolio of income-producing commercial properties. 



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Looking for a predictable cash-flow strategy? Own shares in properties and collect rent every month from businesses that are known to perform during all types of economic cycles, everyday businesses such as dollar stores, gas stations and fast-food restaurants. Elevate’s experienced team does all the heavy lifting – finding, buying, and managing the real estate on your behalf. Invest within 5 minutes. Invest from $100. Elevate Money pays its investors a 6.5% APY every month from the rental income.

Things to Know

  • You make money on

    Value + Dividends

  • Fees


  • Min Investment


  • Payout frequency


  • Term of investment

    60+ months

  • Target Return

    8% - 10%

  • Liquidity


  • Open to

    All Investors

  • Mobile Application


Top Perks

  • Start with as little as $100, easy auto-invest feature

  • Passive income focused, dividends paid monthly, inflation hedge, capital appreciation potential

  • Tons of experience: Elevate Money's real estate investment team has purchased over half a billion dollars of real estate

How you make money

Elevate Money’s investment strategy is income focused, every month business tenants pay rent and Elevate Money's goal is to redistribute those payments net of costs and reserves to investors in the form of monthly dividends, allowing you to generate passive income.  The Elevate Money Dividend Calculator is a tool that allows you to visualize potential returns over various time horizons and when turning on or off features such as dividend reinvest and auto-invest.  In addition, at the end of every year, properties are appraised by third parties.  The price of the REIT shares is adjusted to reflect any value changes.  If properties go up in value, the investors participate in this growth through a higher share price.  Since inception Elevate Money has consistently paid a monthly 6.5% annualized dividend yield.

You may request to sell your shares back to Elevate Money at any time.

Subject to the share redemption program then in effect as approved by our REIT’s Board of Directors, Elevate Money will repurchase shares at their then-current value less 1% for REIT shares owned for less than one year.

Shares Held For:             Administrative Charge:

Less than one year           1%

Longer than one year      No Charge

How Elevate Money makes money

Elevate.Money’s wholly-owned real estate services affiliate performs most of the needed real estate work and earns compensation to do so. Unlike many other real estate crowdfunding platforms, Elevate does not outsource real estate management to third parties but rather takes care of this in-house, to retain tighter control over real estate buying and managing decisions.


Elevate Money believes you should know who you're investing your money with and therefore acts as the sole real estate manager on all of its properties. The company does not outsource real estate related activities, nor is it a marketplace which connects investors to outside third party real estate companies.


Elevate (through its affiliate) earns real estate fees for real estate services rendered. These fees include an acquisition fee when Elevate’s REIT buys a property (3%) and an annual asset management fee (1% of property value). Elevate’s affiliate also has the opportunity to share in profits via a promoted interest; this promoted interest is calculated annually and equals 15% of any REIT shareholder returns that exceed 6%. This promoted interest feature, unique in the real estate crowdfunding space, aligns Elevate’s economic interest with its REIT shareholders.


Elevate’s AUM-focused business model is similar to Blackstone’s highly successful AUM-focused model in its sponsorship of Blackstone REIT.

Is it safe?

Elevate Money, co-founded by real estate crowdfunding pioneer Harold Hofer, has raised over $2.5 million from notable real estate and wealth-tech investors, and is supported by a team of advisors from fintech’s most innovative companies.  


Elevate Money’s goal is to generate consistent, predictable monthly cash flow for its REIT investors from a portfolio of income producing properties that are diversified by use, location, and lease term.  To be eligible for purchase, properties must meet rigorous standards and qualifications based on Elevate Lens+, Elevate’s proprietary underwriting model.  


In addition to the due diligence process, Elevate Money takes further efforts to minimize risk by capping mortgage financing at 60%, well below industry standards.   


With over 13,000 users and over $4,000,000 in assets under management the company has consistently paid a monthly dividend of 6.5% annualized.  Approximately 30% of current investors choose to incrementally add to their portfolio bi-weekly or monthly using Elevate’s auto-invest feature.    


Real estate investments are speculative and involve substantial risks. Consider the risks outlined in the offering circular before investing. Risks include, but are not limited to illiquidity, lack of diversification, complete loss of capital, default risk, and capital call risk. This Investment may not achieve its objective.  Dividends are declared by the REIT’s Board of Directors and are not guaranteed.

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Reviews (6)

Alt nerd

Simple, easy way to get started investing into Real Estate. It took a little for my funds to clear, but I was still earning interest over this time so guess it didn't matter.


Nicholas Trumbull




Love the real-time dividends and weekly payouts. Great customer support - you can chat with a real person in the app.