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Roofstock One provides an efficient alternative to direct investing (avoiding the need to be on title, secure a mortgage, deal with agents, supervise rehabilitation teams and property managers, and handle ownership and tenancy issues). Investors can instead focus on assembling targeted portfolios with allocations across markets, focusing on specific investment goals. After closing, their team goes to work for you to ensure the properties in your portfolio are well maintained and the taxes, insurance, and related HOA fees are paid. You can track your portfolio’s economic performance, while managing property is off your plate.



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Choose between a targeted portfolio of Roofstock One Tracking Stocks and broadly diversified Roofstock One Common Stock:

  1. Tracking Stocks: An industry-first innovation in Single Family Rental real estate investment trusts (REITs), where investors are able to purchase shares of Tracking Stock. Roofstock One Tracking Stocks returns reflect the economics of fully managed SFR properties. As shares of Tracking Stock provide exposure to multiple properties, investors can also lessen the asymmetric risk of single-property ownership. Investors in shares of Tracking Stock receive pro-rata distribution based on the economics of the underlying properties. Investors in shares of Tracking Stock also benefit from potential long-term growth from home price appreciation.
  2. Common Stock: Roofstock One Common Stock offers investors a broad-based, diversified opportunity to invest in Roofstock One. Shares of Roofstock One Common Stock represent the residual equity interest in Roofstock One not attributable to the outstanding shares of Tracking Stock. Investors can purchase shares of Common Stock on a continual basis, subject to the discretion of the Board to postpone sales from time to time. The economic performance of the Common Stock will depend upon Roofstock One’s and its properties overall performance.

Things to Know

  • You make money on

    Value + Dividends

  • Fees


  • Min Investment


  • Payout frequency


  • Term of investment

    60+ months

  • Target Return


  • Liquidity


  • Open to

    All Investors

  • Mobile Application


Top Perks

  • Less capital for diversification in real estate

  • Receive pro asset & property management services

  • Current rent yield & growth chance

How you make money

Investors purchase shares of Tracking and Common Stock in Roofstock One to construct a customized portfolio that best suits their needs and/or investment goals. Once the purchase is completed, an investor would be eligible to receive pro-rata quarterly distribution, subject to board approval, net of all the expenses based on economics of the underlying properties, a portion of which may be tied to available depreciation.


The Asset Manager, through one or more property managers, takes care of all the day-to-day management of the properties, providing a completely passive experience to investors.

How Roofstock One makes money

When you reserve an investment with Roofstock One, there is a one-time initial reservation fee of $100 for the entire order to reserve the initial purchase of shares of Tracking Stock or Common Stock.

Is it safe?

Investing in securities involves risk, and investors should be able to bear the loss of their entire investment. Investments in Roofstock One private placements can lose value, are illiquid, are speculative, and are not suitable for all investors.

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