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Tellus turns your savings into passive income, while keeping your money out of the stock and crypto markets. Earn 3.85-5.13% APY with daily payouts. No fees. Withdraw anytime.


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Tellus is a smart savings platform that enables anyone to build wealth with the highest levels of access, simplicity, transparency and trust. They offer simple high yield cash accounts that harness the power of residential real estate lending to turn your savings into passive income–– all without exposing your money to the risk and volatility of the stock or crypto markets. With Tellus, you earn more interest in your first two weeks than the average savings account pays in an entire year. 26x more. Tellus is 100% free. And you can withdraw anytime. Tellus also offers renters and landlords mobile services that support passive income through rental real estate operations.

Things to Know

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    3.95% - 5.5%

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    All Investors

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    iOS, Android

Top Perks

  • The Tellus Boost account offers 3.00%-4.50 APY, up to 26 times the average national APY. The 3.00% base APY can be “boosted" daily by taking various actions within the app.

  • Tellus offers bank-level security. Deposits are backed by single family mortgages for prime US real estate.

  • Rather than waiting until the end of the month like a typical bank or credit union, savers earn interest daily and can withdraw their money at any time. Interest is paid out daily. Interest compounds daily.

How you make money

Once a user deposits funds, Tellus fronts that amount into your Tellus account to enable you to start earning interest immediately. Tellus pays and compounds your interest daily so that you can have financial peace of mind, knowing that your money is working for you non-stop. Interest is paid and compounded daily at 12AM PST, and the funds are automatically added to the user’s account. Everytime you log back into the app, you can see how much you’ve recently earned. As your balance grows, you can see your interest earning interest - the magic of daily compounding… There is a minimum balance of $125 required to accrue daily interest.

How Tellus makes money

Tellus earns its money by providing mortgages to American residential borrowers. The loans secured by single family residential real estate. Tellus mortgages are typically 12-18 month loans and are always over collateralized. They use technology and the proprietary data generated by their property management platform to choose opportunities so that they can minimize loss and fraud. As of October 2022, Tellus maintains an unmatched 0.00% loan default rate. This lets them pass the profits onto our customers in the form of highly competitive yields.

Is it safe?

Tellus was founded in 2016. The company is backed by leading VC Andreessen Horowitz, among other firms. However, Tellus itself does not invest in any market securities. Tellus is a fintech, or financial technology company, not a bank (not FDIC insured).


Customer money is protected using Tellus’ Triple-Layer Protection framework. Every dollar Tellus lends is backed by high quality, US-based, single-family, residential real estate collateral with a geographic concentration in the US Pacific Northwest. As a second risk mitigation layer, Tellus holds cash proportional to every dollar deposited to provide an additional liquidity buffer. Savers can enjoy peace of mind with bank-level AES 256 encryption supported by industry-leading partners, including PlaidStripeIDology and Riskified, and a 100% US-based treasury and risk management practice.


With Tellus, every $1 of your money is backed by at least $1.35 of real assets*. Your money is not exposed directly to the underlying real estate loans risk, which is born solely by Tellus. Real assets include real estate collateral pledged by Tellus’ borrowers and cash held in reserve on Tellus’ balance sheet. (*average calculated as of August 2022).


Since launching Boost in 2020, Tellus has met every member payment obligation, and maintained an unmatched 100% loan repayment success rate.


Customer deposits are never exposed to the stock or crypto markets, and may be withdrawn at any time.


Bottom line: Tellus is absolutely serious about keeping their saver community a safe place for our users and partners. Tellus and their banking partners will report and prosecute any fraud incident.

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Alt nerd

Simple, easy way to get started investing into Real Estate. It took a little for my funds to clear, but I was still earning interest over this time so guess it didn't matter.


Nicholas Trumbull




Love the real-time dividends and weekly payouts. Great customer support - you can chat with a real person in the app.