Rich Dudes│How Herschel Walker Made His Money From Football to Startups
Rich Dudes│How Herschel Walker Made His Money From Football to Startups

Rich Dudes│How Herschel Walker Made His Money From Football to Startups

Former professional football player and MMA star Herschel Walker invests his $73 million net worth into a diversified portfolio of luxury real estate, startups, and luxury cars.



Real Estate

Real Estate





Former NFL superstar Herschel Walker shows no signs of slowing down. After an incredible football career, this 60-year-old athlete decided to dive into politics. 

He ran for the Republican nomination in the 2022 United States Senate election in Georgia. Boasting a $73 million net worth, Walker's got people talking—and not just about football.

The college football Hall of Fame inductee had a remarkable 12-season NFL career. After earning a Heisman Trophy and setting records at Georgia, he gained over 13,787 rushing yards while playing for the Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Vikings.

His impressive portfolio includes 12 real estate properties, numerous high-end cars, and $16 million in stocks.

He started his professional career in the United States Football League with the New Jersey Generals. Walker later joined the National Football League to play for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys traded Walker to the Minnesota Vikings in 1989 for five players and six future draft picks.

Born to Willis and Christine Walker in Augusta, Georgia, on March 3, 1962, the Johnson County High School graduate's impressive legacy extends beyond sports as he successfully ventures into production, sports marketing, and public speaking.

This versatile powerhouse continues to excel in various pursuits, making him a standout figure to watch. Let’s get into how Herschel got his money and where it’s invested.

Herschel Walker net worth at a glance

Net worth



March 3rd, 1962


American born in Wrightsville, Georgia

Became a millionaire at



Football player (retired), philanthropist, entrepreneur, mixed martial artist

Sources of wealth

Football and investments

Asset classes

Real estate, startups, luxury cars, stocks

How Herschel Walker made his money

Herschel Walker's net worth has grown significantly beyond his earnings from his professional football career. Ventures like his production company, sports marketing, mental health advocacy, and public speaking are all sources of income for Walker.

Between December 2020 and December 2021, Herschel Walker raked roughly $4 million in personal income.

Also, Walker enjoys income from bank accounts, mutual funds, a $100,000 annual salary from his production company Renaissance Man Food Services, and over $1 million annually through brand endorsements with fitness companies.

His impressive portfolio includes 12 real estate properties, numerous high-end cars, and $16 million in stocks. His biggest asset is H. Walker Enterprises LLC, valued between $25 and $50 million and brought in $3 million in 2020 and 2021.

As one of Georgia's wealthiest politicians, Walker's net worth could reach $90 million soon, owing to his thriving business ventures and support from well-heeled donors.

How Herschel Walker invests

Herschel Walker has achieved substantial financial success through wise investments and diverse assets. His holdings span luxury real estate, stocks, and startups. Let’s leave no stone unturned as we explore Walker's thriving financial empire.

Real estate

Beyond his impressive NFL and mixed martial arts career, Herschel Walker is an astute real estate investor. With twelve properties across the U.S. valued at over $11 million, Walker excels at wealth building.

The former Dallas Cowboys star’s eye for luxurious properties is evident with investments like the spectacular 10,000-square-foot mansion in Irving and the lavish custom-built Minnesota estate—later listed for sale at $3.25 million in 2015.

His real estate investments generate around $5,000 per month, or $350,000 annually, in rent. This strategy plays a significant role in Walker's remarkable $73 million net worth and impressive $13 million annual income.

In 2015, Herschel Walker's 10,000-square-foot Las Colinas mansion was listed for $3.25 million at the Cottonwood Valley Golf Club.
Source: Business journals

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Luxury cars

Herschel Walker's affinity for luxury is evident in his collection of eight high-end cars, including a Nissan GT-R. With a discerning eye for high-performance models and a commitment to keeping up with the latest technology, Walker's tastes reflect his prosperous lifestyle.

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Herschel Walker has invested $13 million across various industries, from healthcare and hospitality to solar energy. Some include Customized Professional Pantry, Brightfield Renewable Energy, and Native Foods Cafe.

Alongside his business ventures, H. Walker Enterprises, LLC and Renaissance Man Food Services, LLC, Walker has impacted the food service and retail marketplace with his Herschel's Famous 34® and Herschel's Mama's Cookin® brands. Walker's success showcases the power of a strategic mindset and determination to achieve growth.

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Herschel Walker investing quotes 

1. Have good work ethic

2. Be dedicated

3. Put in work