Rich Dudes│JoJo Siwa’s Net Worth, From Dance Moms to JoJo Bows
Rich Dudes│JoJo Siwa’s Net Worth, From Dance Moms to JoJo Bows

Rich Dudes│JoJo Siwa’s Net Worth, From Dance Moms to JoJo Bows

JoJo Siwa is a young entrepreneur leading the charge in tween entertainment. Unpack her $20 million fortune and delve into her investment portfolio.



Real Estate

Real Estate





When you think about the entertainment world's youngest multimillionaires, Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa is a name you can’t skip. Over the years, the young, dynamic personality diluted the boundaries between entertainment genres, proving herself as a successful singer, dancer, actress, and YouTuber worth $20 million.

A key highlight of JoJo's success? Hair bows. Over 40 million hair bows generated $399 million in 2018 alone with 80 million sold to date.

JoJo's wealth stems from her appearance on the Dance Moms series, her successful music career, merch sales, YouTube channel and ad revenues, and branded promotions on her Instagram account.

This article will dissect JoJo Siwa’s net worth, providing insights into how she made her money while analyzing her earnings from her YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

JoJo Siwa net worth at a glance

Net worth

$20 million


May 19, 2003


American born in Omaha, Nebraska

Became a millionaire at



Singer, dancer, actress, and YouTuber

Sources of wealth

Music, YouTube, Dance Moms, and JoJo Bows

Asset classes

Real estate, merch, books, and cars

Early life

Joelle's journey to stardom has been quite extraordinary. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 2003, to Tom Siwa and Jessalynn Siwa, JoJo began dancing when she was young under her mother's guidance—a dance instructor herself.

Her early childhood was painted with vibrant colors of dance recitals and energetic practices. JoJo’s energetic spirit found the spotlight on television shows like Dance Moms and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

JoJo’s Dance Moms debut made her famous and opened opportunities in music, acting, and merch.
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Siwa balanced her soaring career and academics through online homeschooling. Embracing her individuality, she publicly came out as LGBTQ+ in 2021—Siwa is currently dating Kylie Prew and boasts a Rolodex of celebrity friends.

How JoJo Siwa made her money

From shining brightly on the dance floor to captivating hearts on YouTube, JoJo Siwa built a vibrant career powered by dance moves, catchy music, Youtube, and, of course, the famous JoJo bows. How did she amass such wealth?

JoJo Siwa's path to stardom began on the popular reality TV Show Dance Moms. Abby Lee Miller, a revered dance instructor, had Siwa on her dance team for two seasons following her equally remarkable display at Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. She was already winning hearts at age ten with her agile moves and bubbly personality.

Yet, between her striking poise and her multi-millionaire status sits a cocktail of ventures. JoJo shuffled out of Dance Moms and launched her YouTube channel.

JoJo leveraged her fame to quickly amass over 12.2 million subscribers and more than 2.6 billion views. YouTube bolstered JoJo Siwa's net worth substantially, with an estimated annual revenue of over $1 million.

Besides Youtube, JoJo diversified her income through her music career. Her debut song "Boomerang" went platinum with over 900 million Youtube views. This ushered in more of JoJo's music videos like "All My Friends," further increasing her audience and views.

JoJo's vibrant persona and iconic hair bows captivated hearts globally, spurring the now-famous JoJo's Bows launch. The signature line's astounding success led to deals with renowned chains like JCPenney and soaring international sales.

JoJo Siwa's licensing deals for the JoJo Siwa action doll and with Nickelodeon—encompassing original programming, live events, and various consumer products —enhanced JoJo Siwa’s wealth.

Siwa's earnings also stemmed from her roles in the 2021 film The J Team. JoJo has bagged numerous awards, including Favorite Musical YouTube Creator, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, and Favorite TV Host awards.

How JoJo Siwa’s net worth is invested

JoJo Siwa's investment strategy balances digital and physical assets. Her revenue generation hinges on her YouTube channel, TV shows, and branded merchandise, while her real estate portfolio and eclectic car collection are where she piles her cash.

On top of having millions of dedicated fans, these assets enable Siwa to dance her way to the bank. The YouTuber has proven that a diverse portfolio equals a prosperous payday. Her body spins on the dance floor while her assets do the money dance, too.

Real estate

JoJo Siwa's portfolio can make you do a confetti-popping double take. At just 20, the teenage social media sensation flaunts a multimillion-dollar mansion that’s every teen's fantasy.

The YouTube personality isn't splurging her wealth on just anything. We're talking about a Mediterranean-style mansion in Tarzana, California, worth $3.5 million. Nestled in an affluent gated community in the San Fernando Valley, the property isn't just a house—it's Siwa's very own Barbie dream palace.

JoJo Siwa invested $3.5 million in a luxurious 6,111-square-foot Mediterranean-style mansion in Tarzana, California.
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In this spacious 6,111-square-foot home, luxury intertwines with comfort—Siwa and her family live a life of grandeur. Apart from its six plush bedrooms, the mansion encompasses a grand double-height foyer, gourmet kitchen, formal dining room, and a master suite finished with custom closets and a private patio.

The cherry on top is the three ensuite bedrooms, each exuding chic elegance. If the indoor luxuries get a nine on the glamor scale, the outside amenities are a solid ten. A perfectly maintained pool, an outdoor kitchen, an inviting lounge area, and a basketball court make it an entertainer's paradise.

Now, if you're imagining a minimalist, sterile interior, think again. Among the long list of surprises that Siwa's mansion holds is a series of fun rooms. A dedicated "7-Eleven" corner brimming with candy bars and treats and a game room make a statement that this is a teenager's home, albeit a millionaire’s.

In a recent shift, she chose to revamp her house with a sense of tranquillity. The new house design is about sleekness and modernity, confirming Siwa's exquisite taste.

By choosing a residential property in a prime location, Siwa has made an investment that will likely see significant financial returns in the future.


The ever-bubbly YouTube icon and American dancer JoJo Siwa has always pushed the boundaries of conventionality. And not just in her career, she’s displayed the same spunk in her car collection as well.

JoJo’s crown automotive jewel is her custom-wrapped Tesla gifted by Kyler and Madison Fisher. This car lends a fresh spin to luxury by plastering Siwa’s face all over it. Siwa doesn’t just own a Tesla, she brands it—a move that resonates with her larger-than-life persona.

Next in line is a vibrant BMW 4 Series Convertible, a tacit symbol of her flourishing music venture. Illuminating her meteoric rise in the music industry, the car pays tribute to JoJo's D.R.E.A.M. tour.


Who wouldn't want to strike gold in the multi-billion dollar children's merch industry? Charismatic teen entertainer JoJo Siwa has done just that. With her infectious energy, colorful bows, and strategic partnerships, she fostered an expansive merch empire that shows no sign of slowing down.

A key highlight of JoJo's success? Hair bows. Over 40 million hair bows generated $399 million in 2018 alone with 80 million sold to date. It’s a simple product, yet the accessory symbolizes JoJo Siwa’s vibrant personality, striking a chord with her massive fan base.

JoJo Siwa struck gold with her iconic bows, selling over 80 million pieces globally.
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JoJo’s merch line goes beyond hair accessories to include toys, books, bed sheets, scooters, underwear, and even lunchboxes. This expansive product line appeals to a wider audience and increases JoJo’s potential revenue.

But having a diverse merchandise line doesn’t automatically guarantee success. And that's where JoJo's apt marketing strategy of cleverly leveraging her substantial online presence comes in.

Over three billion YouTube views, 27 million TikTok followers, and nine million Instagram followers aren't just numbers, they represent a ready market for her products. Simply put, she carries her merch into the limelight, encouraging her fans to snatch them up.

JoJo’s ties with entertainment powerhouse Nickelodeon and prominent retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Claires further boost her brand's visibility, ensuring JoJo merchandise gets on store shelves and online.

Looking forward, Siwa’s prospects continue to soar. The recent announcement of new licensing deals—including an all-girl group XOMG POP—presents the potential for further expansion into new merch categories. XOMG POP will soon have JoJo-branded everything, from toys to beauty and bath products, effectively multiplying JoJo's empire.

While these prospects sound promising, potential investors must also consider the risks. JoJo's brand largely depends on her persona and direct connection with her young audience. Basically, her cachet has an expiration date, and one drastic hit to her influence could significantly threaten her merch sales.

Additionally, the fact that her audience is young means it's transient. As they grow older, their interests may shift and cause a potential sales dip for Siwa, which she must counteract with strategic marketing.

JoJo Siwa has also ventured into the toy vehicles sector with her stylish JoJo's Dream Car. This assortment of trendy toy cars ranges from a dazzling D.R.E.A.M.-themed car to a rainbow checkered racing car and a California Cruiser pastel tie-dye car. These miniature vehicles are a beloved addition to her merch offerings, with the designs mirroring JoJo's exuberant, lively persona.

By launching her toy car line, JoJo penetrates deeper into the kids' toy industry. The toy car line’s success essentially underscores the feasibility of her brand extending to even more diverse ventures.


Popular youth entertainer JoJo Siwa has made a significant investment in her literary career. Her media career has opened up book publishing as another sweet revenue stream—yet another facet of JoJo’s well-rounded portfolio.

The JoJo & BowBow Take the Stage series reveals her storytelling abilities by chronicling her thrilling stage experiences. Candy Kisses demonstrates her entrepreneurial creativity as she adapts her culinary love into a delectable book. The Posh Puppy Pageant merges JoJo's personal and fictional worlds, capturing the glamorous side of pet care with a fantastical spin.

Siwa showcases her storytelling genius with books like JoJo & BowBow Take the Stage and Candy Kisses
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Siwa's achievements in publishing are noteworthy, a canny move in diversifying her income source, securing her financial future, and upscaling her brand value. Her slow-and-steady portfolio-building approach is a clever investment strategy—each book serves a different market segment, maximizing her returns.

With a twirl and a whizz, JoJo Siwa has danced her way from the studio floor to rocking a bow empire worth millions. Her $20 million net worth underlines versatility in action from real estate to cars, merch, and books.

Passion, diversification, and seizing golden opportunities are her winning steps. For all aspiring creators hitting the beat, Siwa’s journey is a resounding encore: You can dance all the way to the bank with your unique passions.

JoJo Siwa investing quotes

1. Live in the moment

2. Follow your passions

3. Sow the seeds of success