What’s the Best Nancy Pelosi Stock Pick?
What’s the Best Nancy Pelosi Stock Pick?

What’s the Best Nancy Pelosi Stock Pick?

Looking to make your money work harder? Nancy Pelosi does, too. With 10,000 shares traded between Apple, Microsoft, and more, you won't want to miss out.





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Are you looking to invest your money in a worthwhile venture? Then you might want to consider Nancy Pelosi’s stocks. These are what Nancy Pelosi invested in and made money on.

While some may argue that Nancy Pelosi is a great stock trader, some believe that she’s guilty of insider trading. Regardless of her impropriety, her success in the stock market is unquestionable.

AXP's stock has increased by an impressive 55.2% since Pelosi's purchase in June 2020.

It’s not surprising that a recent YouGovAmerica survey found that she had a 55.8% unfavorability rating during her time as House Speaker, meaning that her words and actions can trigger some reactions. You'd be surprised at how much her political power and congressional actions can positively impact not only people, but also stocks.

But don't take our word for it—check out which stocks are earning strong returns in Pelosi’s portfolio. You never know what'll skyrocket when you consider the 10,000 shares she trades or the strong returns on those Apple, Microsoft, and Walt Disney stocks she’s sold.

So what are you waiting for? Jumping on the Pelosi trading bandwagon is easier than ever. Just be sure to pay attention to the expiration dates and company reports, as they could be factors in your success.

Who is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi is a political powerhouse and a trailblazer in more than one way. She was the first female Speaker of the House during two terms (2007 to 2011 and 2019 to 2023), ushering in various legislation like the Affordable Care Act and the American Rescue Plan. 

Furthermore, her persistence led to the third and fourth presidential impeachments in history. Since arriving at Congress over thirty-five years ago, Pelosi's incredible experience has shown no signs of waning—she’s been in the Democratic party since the first Rocky was in theaters.


Nancy Pelosi's political career has generated mixed feelings among the people, with many hailing her as a champion for peace and justice and others seeing her as just another politician who only takes a stand when it favors their cause.

However, in the midst of all that, one thing we cannot deny is that Nancy knows how to time the stock market, trade, and make a lot of money. From stock trading with Walt Disney, Microsoft Corporation, and Nvidia Corporation to buying individual stocks, and call options, Pelosi sure does know how to get the bag.

So next time you find your stock portfolio in a pinch, count on Nancy Pelosi to have your back.

What makes Nancy Pelosi stocks good investments?

Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be one of the best stock trackers out there, with her portfolio consistently outperforming the market. So, what's her secret? 

Aside from having access to insider information, Pelosi tends to use call options that are long in the money, as well as a covered call strategy where she will both own a stock and sell the associated call option to generate income. 

What's more, Pelosi is a pro at picking sectors. Her hottest industries include information technology, communication services, consumer discretionary, and financials, with her top dogs being Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Amazon, and Tesla. Heck, she even puts her money into old-school favorites like AllianceBernstein, American Express, Visa, and Disney.

So, whether it's tech giants, financial giants, or classic companies, Nancy Pelosi has a knack for picking the right stocks and setting herself up for success. Her expertise is undeniable, and she has the market returns to prove it.

And don't worry—Nancy Pelosi's stock savvy may help a few stock traders come out of their slump and make market-beating returns. Before we get into the top eight stocks copytraders steal from Pelosi, let’s get into whether copying certain trades even works as a strategy.

Benefits of copy trading stocks

Copy trading is a great way for investors to break into the stock market without breaking the bank. If you don't have time to read financial disclosures and monitor stock markets, then copy trading is the perfect solution. The concept lets you tap into another trader's expertise, allowing you to learn from and benefit from their knowledge. 

Remember, there are risks involved with this kind of trading. So, keep your eyes peeled, and don't put all your eggs in one basket. 

Before diving head first, take note of the average prices of stocks she’s bought like NVIDIA Corporation and Micron Technology, and watch out for the short expiration dates of options purchased by financier Paul Pelosi AKA Nancy’s husband as that could result in some major losses. 

Nevertheless, for busy bees or retail investors looking for a hassle-free way to diversify their portfolios, copy trading might be the right way to go. It can save you time and make confident investments backed by a Capitol Hill insider.

Pros and cons of copy trading



Access to another trader’s expertise


Learning from more experienced traders




Less time spent researching



Less control over investments


Expensive fees and commissions


Market risk


Difficult to track trades in real time

Best Nancy Pelosi Stocks

Nancy Pelosi's stock picks are so hot right now. Trading individual stocks have never been more popular, and Pelosi has skillfully positioned herself as the top gun with her impressive portfolio of numerous stock and options purchases. 

From call options with big names like Microsoft, Tesla, Alliance Bernstein, and American Express to her purchases with Salesforce, Disney, Visa, and Alphabet Inc., it's simply astonishing.

It's clear that Pelosi knows how to win in the market—her colleagues in Congress and retail investors alike are feeling compelled to jump on her impressive portfolio of options and stocks.

Even with the total loss incurred on the transactions made by Paul and Speaker Pelosi, her transactions still fly above the market. We all know that investing in stocks can be risky, but we wouldn't expect anything less from the top Democrats in the House. 

The longer former House Speaker Pelosi stays in congress, the better because she’s required to disclose every stock trade she makes each quarter. Her stocks are a surefire way to success, and here are eight stocks you should hop on if you want big bag like the Pelosis.

1. Alphabet (GOOG)

Current Price: 

Type: Tech

Alphabet stocks are some of the most valuable investments out there, as evidenced by how Pelosi exercised 200 call options with a strike price of $100 on December 17th, 2021. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reported a 13% increase in revenue for the quarter ending June 30th, 2022, and it controls an impressive 92.2% of the search engine market share globally.

Alphabet has a higher return on equity (26.6%) than 85% of its competitors. Collectively, these facts show that Alphabet stock provides a great deal of value for investors. Furthermore, Alphabet is a leader in terms of size and resources. 

It had a substantial 174,014 global employees as of June 30th, 2022 (now facing major workforce cuts), and its operating income for the same period was relatively flat compared to the same quarter last year. 

This conservative approach to profitability shows that Alphabet is managed with care and strategy, which is great news for you as an investor.

2. Microsoft (MSFT)

Current Price: 

Type: Tech

Microsoft (MSFT) is an incredibly valuable investment due to its long-held position in the tech industry, consistent growth, and dominant market share. Between the 9% growth of Office Commercial products and the 15% growth of Office 365 Commercial revenue the company reported this year, Microsoft is an attractive business for investors. 

Nancy Pelosi recently purchased 10 and 40 call options with an expiration date in June 2023 and a strike price of $180.

Microsoft's net margin stands at 34.4%, ranking better than nearly 97% of its competitors, and its ROE is a whopping 43%, indicating a superior capability of converting equity capital into profits. 

Microsoft also commands more than 75% of the global desktop operating system market with Windows, and it looks to continue to increase its dominance with plans to acquire Activision Blizzard (ATVI) for $95 per share in the upcoming year.

3. Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Current Price: 

Type: Tech

Apple stock (AAPL) is valuable because it continues to stay ahead of the competition in terms of innovation, design, and performance. It's well known throughout the business world that even the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sees the value in owning Apple stock. 

Pelosi recently exercised 100 call options (10,000 shares) at a strike price of $100, showing that she has confidence in this stock and expects it to continue performing well. A few days later, she made another options purchase of 50 contracts with a strike price of $80 expiring in June 2023, then sold 50 call options with a strike price of $100 before their June 17 expiration—pulling a graceful iron condor.

That type of savvy stock trading attests to why Apple Inc. (AAPL) has a market capitalization of 

 and the company reported record revenue of $83 billion in the quarter ending June 25th, 2022.

No wonder former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has such faith in the technology giant, a company that has been designing, innovating, and driving the tech world since its foundation.

4. American Express Co. (AXP)

Current Price: 

Type: Finance

American Express (AXP) has a long history, originally designed as a membership and rewards program in 1850. Nancy Pelosi hates to miss out, so it's no surprise that she invested $100,000 in AXP back in June 2020 and then followed up with a $4 million move by exercising 50 call options at an $80 strike price on January 21, 2022.

It's really no surprise that AXP is attractive to investors. Even Warren Buffett owns a large stake. AXP's stock has increased an impressive 55.2% since Pelosi's purchase in June 2020. What's more, Pelosi stands to make a large profit, even though AXP moved 

 YTD. With the history and design of AXP, investors are sure to be clamoring for more.

5. Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

Current Price: 

Type: Electric vehicles

Tesla stock (TSLA) is one of the most valuable stocks on the market today, boasting an impressive market cap of 

—a record high for any U.S. electric vehicle maker. The stock market’s biggest whale House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saw its potential. Pelosi exercised 25 call options with a $500 strike price, adding 25,000 TSLA shares to her ballooning stock portfolio.

Those same shares have seen a 36.1% climb since her purchase was made public. And Tesla’s success continues to grow—its quarterly revenues hit an all-time high, a 55% jump year-on-year. It’s unclear if Pelosi did sell individual stocks recently, so her next Tesla play is something to keep an eye on.

Tesla’s success can be attributed to its powerful brand and design. It has become the face of sustainable transportation and the go-to manufacturer of ecological automobiles. This is embodied by its record-breaking stock and financial performance. It's no wonder Nancy Pelosi decided to take a risk with her purchase of Tesla (TSLA) stock.

6. AllianceBernstein Holding (AB)

Current Price: 

Type: Finance

Purchasing 10,000 units of AllianceBernstein Holdings stock (AB) has been quite the investment for Nancy Pelosi. Despite its third-quarter dip, AB still manages to boast a 1.6% increase in revenue, a 10.3% dividend, and a 5% drop in average assets under management. This proves the value of holding this stock. Its long-standing design and history of success demonstrate AB's ability to outlast changing market conditions. 

Pelosi can't seem to go wrong with this investment, seeing as it has declined by a mere 13% since her January purchase. Now that's resilience. It's clear why so many investors look to the reliable AB stock date after date. The company has blamed its recent financial struggles on difficult and changing economic environments, such as rising interest rates and accelerating inflation. 

Nonetheless, these are the reasons why holding AB is such a good investment no matter how much the financial climate changes. After all, it is its consistent dividend and revenue that Nancy Pelosi and many others find so appealing.

7. Walt Disney Company (DIS)

Current Price: 

Type: Entertainment

Walt Disney (DIS) stock is valuable due to its versatility, diversification, and delightful entertainment. It’s one stock that can make Nancy Pelosi laugh after she purchased 10,000 shares in January 2022, exercising 100 call options with a strike price of $100.

Disney's brand name and history make the entertainment company a familiar household name, as it produces everything from highly acclaimed movies to engaging theme parks to popular streaming services.

Even though Pelosi let her 50 Disney call options with a $130 strike price expire in September 2022, the enthralling design of Disney—which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu streaming services—and its considerable 31.6% decrease since Pelosi exercised her call options make DIS a sound investment for the future.

8. PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL)

Current Price: 

Type: Finance

With as much as $1.4 trillion of payments forecasted in Fiscal Year 2022 and a new $15 billion share repurchase plan announced, PayPal is looking pretty valuable to investors—especially considering former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently exercised her 50 call options to purchase 5,000 shares of PYPL, estimated to be worth between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

PYPL stock had a strong showing in the fourth quarter of 2020, despite the negative effect of a $0.37 discrete tax charge associated with acquired intellectual property. But that hasn't held back the momentum of Venmo’s parent company.

PayPal has remained resilient, with a solid repurchase plan funded by profits from its FY22 revenue forecast of $27.8 billion. Despite the occasional hiccup, PayPal Holdings is sure to remain a valuable investment for stockholders and a go-to option for digital payments for years to come.

Are Nancy Pelosi stocks a good investment?

Nancy Pelosi has proven to be a savvy stock trader when it comes to her investments. With a portfolio mainly consisting of tech companies, she has seen returns of around 7% from Alphabet, moderate success from stocks like Microsoft and Apple, and some riskier investments such as Tesla and CrowdStrike. 

According to Insider, one of her biggest losses was Nvidia. She purchased her shares of the chipmaker at an average price of $164.05 but sold 25,000 on July 26, 2023, to incur a $341,365 loss. 

While trading individual stocks at that level can seem like a lot to average joe traders, this is chump change for the former House Speaker, as it was just damage control for a bad trade after microchip legislation with Taiwan didn’t pan out.

Now and again, Democrats and Republicans mull a bill banning members of congress from trading stocks. However, bills on congressional stock trading is unlikely to become law because it’s again the interests of Capitol Hill’s most successful traders, despite interest in legislation to ban members from trading securities coming from both parties.

While not all her stock trades are perfect, Pelosi clearly knows how to manage risk or play it safe when she needs to, making her a valuable asset to stock traders.