Invest in rental homes & vacation rentals from $100.


Open to US Investors

Real Estate



46+ Employees

With decades of experience in real estate, technology, operations, & finance.

4.7% - 12.8%

Target Return

From dividends + appreciation.



Arrived doesn’t currently support redemption requests.


46+ Employees

With decades of experience in real estate, technology, operations, & finance.

How You Earn

Growth + Income

Invest From


Invest in

Real Estate


46+ Employees

With decades of experience in real estate, technology, operations, & finance.

Open to US Investors

Top Perks of Investing in Rental Homes & Vacation Rentals

Real estate is an asset class that offers both rental cash flow and price appreciation on property.

The average annual return on US residential properties is 10.6%.

In a study called The Return of Everything, residential real estate was shown to be half as volatile as stocks.

The vacation rental market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2022 to 2030.

Can I trust Arrived?

Arrived is backed by world-class investors like Jeff Bezos, Marc Benioff, and Spencer Rascoff.


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Amount Raised



# of Users


Amount Raised





# of Users


Amount Raised




Real estate is one of the most stable asset classes to invest in. The entire U.S. rental industry was worth $169.5 billion in 2021, with the vacation rental market alone worth $15.1 billion.

Arrived lets US residents invest in rental homes and vacation rentals without massive down-payments or the hassle of managing properties. Even better, investors can buy shares from as little as $100. 

Arrived was founded in 2019 and is backed by world-class entrepreneurs like Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Marc Benioff (Salesforce), and others. 

High Growth

Vacation rentals could return 10-20%

Low Correlation

Real Estate has a low correlation with stocks


Buy shares of rental homes and vacation rentals.

Arrived Pros & Cons

The Good
  • Arrived makes it easy for anyone to invest in real estate, regardless of their income level.

  • Users become part-owners in rental properties without any operational responsibilities or financial liability.

  • Since Arrived users can choose individual properties, they’re able to perform better due diligence.

  • Arrived offers over 186 rental properties.

  • Unlike REITs, Arrived investors can build a custom portfolio tailored to their own investing goals.

The Not-So-Good
  • Arrived doesn’t have a secondary market, but the company has filed a planned redemption program with SEC (under review).

  • Arrived is only available to US residents.

  • Arrived does not have a mobile app—the platform is only available on desktop.

Arrived Track Record


Deals Funded

Since 2019


Rental Properties

Spread across 29 different markets



Across 170k investors

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Real Estate Returns Calculator

Calculate how much you can earn by investing in Real Estate. Results vary based on the investment amount, term, and other conditions.




Projected Fees


Projected return


Value after fees


How it Works

Here’s how Arrived helps users invest in rental homes & vacation rentals.

Here’s how Arrived helps users invest in rental homes & vacation rentals.


Browse properties

Investors browse the available rental homes and vacation rentals that have been pre-vetted based on their income potential. All Arrived properties are structured as an LLC to minimize liability.


Select shares

Investors determine how much money they want to invest in each home and select the number of shares.


Sign & invest

Investors review the terms, sign an online contract, and fund the investment by linking their bank account.


Earn income

Investors sit back and collect their share of net rental income and benefit from the property’s price appreciation.

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How You
Make Money

Arrived investors can earn money in two ways. The first is from rental income paid out on a quarterly basis. The second way is if Arrived sells their rental property at a profit.

Primary Sale

When the property is sold at a higher value than its purchase price.

Rental Income

Earn rental income on a quarterly basis

How Arrived
Makes Money

Arrived makes money through a one-time sourcing fee that’s already baked into each property’s listed share price. Next to that, Arrived charges investors a quarterly management fee that’s paid out of the property’s rental income.

All these fees are listed in the Offering Details section of each property page.


Property Management Fee

Deducted from the quarterly rental income.


One-Time Sourcing Fee

Covers costs to find & prepare the investment

How You’re Taxed

Arrived’s rental properties are largely subject to income tax. However, investors are not expected to trigger a taxable event until one of their properties generates income.

The exact tax rate of this investment depends on the type of income generated as well as the taxpayer's country of residence, personal income tax bracket and whether the investment is held in a tax-advantaged account.

Arrived does intend for its long-term rental homes to qualify to be taxed as a separate real estate investment trust (REITs). Its vacation rentals, however, do not qualify as REITs.

In the event that Arrived sells one of its properties, the returns would also be subject to capital gains tax.

Federal, state and local taxes also affect the total tax burden associated with the investment. For more clarity, consult with an advisor before making an investment.


Income Tax

Most REIT dividends are taxed at ordinary income tax rates


Capital Gains

The sale of Arrived properties incurs long-term capital gains tax.

Meet the Team

Arrived consists of a 46-person team with decades of experience in real estate, technology, operations, & finance.

The company is co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Ryan Frazier, Kenny Cason (who grew DataRank to its exit) and Alejandro Chouza (who previously ran Uber in Pacific Northwest USA).


User Requirements

US residents
Valid US Bank Account
Over 18 years of age
US residents
Valid US Bank Account
Over 18 years of age


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