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All-in-one app for stocks, bonds, crypto and alternatives.


Open to All Investors




250+ Employees

Experienced in finance, business development and operations.


Target Return

The S&P 500 has averaged 10.67% annualized returns since 1957.



Users can sell their shares on the platform


250+ Employees

Experienced in finance, business development and operations.

How You Earn

Growth & Income

Invest From


Invest in

Alternative assets


250+ Employees

Experienced in finance, business development and operations.

Open to All Investors

Top Perks of Investing in Alternative Assets

Since 1971 the S&P 500 has delivered an annualized return of 7.58%—or 10.51% with dividends reinvested.

Bitcoin has outperformed all other asset classes in the last decade, with an annualized return of 230%.

Art has proven to be a resilient asset class during periods of high inflation.

Benefit from diversified exposure to all asset classes.

Can I trust Public?

Public is regulated by SEC and backed by Venture firms like Accel, Greycroft, Intuition Capital, Aglaé Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Lakestar.


# of Users


Amount Raised



# of Users


Amount Raised





# of Users


Amount Raised




Over the past 10 years, stocks and crypto returned 152.90% and 12,923% respectively. And according to Preqin, the alternative investment market totaled $13 trillion in 2021. 


Public is on a mission to make the public markets work for all investors. As such, it is the only investing platform that lets you trade stocks, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets—like fine art and collectibles—all in one place. The platform also provides a wealth of investing insights, from company-specific analysis to live audio shows, as well as a premium membership tier with unique company KPIs and detailed performance metrics.


A wide range of investment products are available that can effectively implement your investment strategy:


Options trading – specifically, Public is doing something no other brokerage is doing where you earn an $0.18 rebate per contract traded with no commission and no per-contract fees, making Public the cheapest place to trade options. You can see more information on our options product here.


Bonds – you can buy corporate, Treasury, and municipal bonds on Public. You can see more information on this product offering here.


Treasuries – you can earn a 5.2% yield with Treasury bills on Public. You can see more information on this here.


High-Yield Cash Account – with a high-yield cash account on Public, you can earn an industry-leading 5.1% APY. No fees, no subscription required, no minimum balance requirements, no maximum balance limits, and unlimited amount of transfers and withdrawals. More info on this here.


Investment Plans – Public has a catalog of investment plans which are a collection of assets that you can automatically contribute to on a recurring basis. You can also create your own Investment Plan from scratch. More info on this here.


Music Royalties – unlock a new passive income stream by investing in music royalties. Publis launched with the exclusive Reg A+ IPO of the Shrek Franchise Original Music, and is planning to release more. More info here.


Alpha – Public has an AI powered fundamental data and analysis tool, Alpha. With Alpha, you can have an open-ended conversation with AI that fills you in on the latest, most comprehensive market data and analysis from Public. More information on Alpha's functionality here.

High Growth

10%+ stock returns over the past decade.

Low Correlation

Alternative investments typically have a low correlation to stocks


Own shares of stocks and alternative assets

Public Pros & Cons

The Good
  • Public lets you invest in stocks, crypto—all in one place

  • Accessible to all investors, with no minimums & little-to-no trading commissions

  • Easy to use mobile app

The Not-So-Good
  • Limited account types

  • Only available to US residents

  • Crypto transactions come with a 1-2% markup & alternatives come with a 2.5% commission

  • Premium membership tier is an additional fee

Public Track Record

3 Million


Gained since 2019

Up to $500k


Public is a member of the SIPC

$18 Billion


Across 3 million users

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Stocks Returns Calculator

Calculate how much you can earn by investing in Stocks. Results vary based on the investment amount, term, and other conditions.




Projected Fees


Projected return


Value after fees


How it Works

Here’s how Public helps people invest in everything all in one place:

Here’s how Public helps people invest in everything all in one place:


Download the Public app

The app is available for both iOS or Android.


Complete your application

Create your Public account by filling in your personal details, like your full name, and citizenship status.


Public will verify your account

Activate crypto investing and agree to Public.com’s terms and conditions. Public.com will then verify your information.


Start investing on Public

After successful verification you can choose a free stock and fund your account to begin trading!

See inside MoneyMade’s 6-figure multi-asset portfolio


12+ Assets

50+ Platforms

4yr+ Returns

How You
Make Money

Users can make money in two ways: when you sell a stock or alternative asset for more than its purchase price and when select stocks & bonds pay out dividends or interest.


Selling stocks & alternative assets

Dividends & Interest

From stocks & bonds

How Public
Makes Money

Public.com makes money from membership fees, optional tipping, and commissions from crypto and alternative asset trading. 

Public Premium plan costs $10/month, crypto transactions come with a 1% or 2% markup, and alternative assets have a 2.5% commission.

1% - 2%


On alternative assets



For Premium membership

How You’re Taxed

Public investments can be subject to both capital gains and income tax, with the exact rate depending on the taxpayer's country of residence, personal income tax bracket and whether or not the investment is held in a tax-advantaged account.

Investors are not expected to trigger a taxable event until one of their investments is sold. Public investments do, however, trigger a taxable event as soon as they generate dividends or interest.

Investments held for longer than a year benefit from long-term capital gains tax—taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income.

Federal, state and local taxes also affect the total tax burden associated with the investment. For more clarity, consult with an advisor before making an investment.


Capital Gains & Income Tax

Investments held for >1 year benefit from long-term cap gains tax

Meet the Team

The Public.com team consists of over 250 employees with decades of experience in the finance engineering, business development, operations and more.

Jannick Malling is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Public.com, with an extensive background in the financial technology industry, having previously worked at Tradable, CFH Group A/S and Saxo Bank.



(5 Reviews)


Here's what you'll need to invest on Public

US residents
Accredited & non-accredited investors
Over 18 years of age
US residents
Accredited & non-accredited investors
Over 18 years of age


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This app is perfect for planning your future. You can easily buy fractions of a stock instead of having to buy an entire stock. The app functionality UX/UI is super easy and responsive. I’ve referred multiple friends to the app, and we can all agree how easy it is to use, and the future benefit it will bring. Plus the customer service is incredibly friendly and helpful.



Finally, a social aspect to trading. In todays age of social media people are far less private. This mindset is now incorporated into trading strategy with the matador app. I love how you can see what your friends/followers on matador are trading. Great platform for both new and experienced traders.