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Lofty is a tokenized real estate investment platform that earns you daily rental income with no-lockup period. Shares cost only $50.


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Lofty is a real estate investing platform that tokenizes rental projects across the U.S. Tokens can be bought for only $50 and represent partial ownership of rental homes. 

The platform builds and runs projects via the Algorand blockchain—which was chosen for having faster transaction speeds and lower fees than Ethereum or Solana. For each rental project, Lofty creates an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA), which are tokenized shares representing real estate ownership that are sold to investors. 

Holders of Lofty tokens are impacted by price fluctuations in the underlying real estate and all cash flows generated from rental income. Shareholders receive daily rental income, and there’s no lockup period for tokens so they can be traded or sold on Lofty’s marketplace any time. 


The platform has over 100 rental properties across the U.S. you can invest in. Additionally, Lofty inspects every property they list and their inspection reports and contracts can be accessed on each property’s profile.

Things to Know

  • You make money on

    Value + Dividends

  • Fees

    0.5 %

  • Min Investment


  • Payout frequency


  • Term of investment


  • Target Return

    10% - 20%

  • Liquidity


  • Open to

    All Investors

  • Mobile Application


Top Perks

  • Passive income paid out daily

  • Investments in specific vetted rental properties

  • Flexible and highly-liquid real estate investments

How you make money

Lofty investors earn a return in two ways:

  1. Daily passive income from rent, earned in USD. 
  2. The appreciation of their shares based on the value of the underlying real estate. 

How Lofty makes money

For each property, Lofty charges a 5% listing fee to  buyers and a 3% fee (or $2,500, whichever is greater) to sellers.

Is it safe?

Lofty allows non-accredited investors on their platform but is not registered with the SEC. This isn’t a problem because Regulation D of the Federal Securities Act enables the selling of up to $10 million in securities without registering them with the SEC. Although they are structured to meet this qualification, Lofty has yet to file the form. This is because they are currently proving that their offerings do not qualify as securities.

Since Lofty tokens represent legal ownership in the LLC that owns each property, investors would not lose their assets even if Lofty went out of business. Additionally, Lofty token holders participate in the governance decisions and are responsible for how the property is run. Therefore, the value in Lofty’s offering is not “derived from the efforts of others” and would not qualify the product as a security


Lofty manages over $60M in assets on their platform and has raised $5M from firms such as NVIDIA and Y Combinator. Their team has over a decade of experience in tech, real estate, and finance.

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Reviews (5)

Lofty is the best way for people like my self who can not afford to buy whole properties. Earning a passive income from investing in small shares of property is the future.

A super easy way to fractionally invest in Real-estate. From start to finish, they have made is simple to validate who I am, to select a property and they have provide a variety of payment methods for purchasing. I like getting paid daily for the rentals and being able to cash out or use it to purchase more property.

The team at Lofty is by far the most professional and responsive group of people I have ever spoken with. They are deeply devoted to this platform and making sure it exceeds the expectations of the investor group. It is by far my safest and most enjoyable investment, exceeding crypto and the stock market. They have taken away all the friction of investing in real estate and made it affordable and accessible to everyone. Will be an investor for life!