The Best Crypto Tracking Apps for Managing Your Portfolio in 2022
The Best Crypto Tracking Apps for Managing Your Portfolio in 2022

The Best Crypto Tracking Apps for Managing Your Portfolio in 2022

Crypto tracking apps like Blockfolio/FTX, Delta, Coin Market Manager, CoinStats, and Lunch Money can help you do more with your crypto portfolio.



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There's a lot to be excited about when it comes to decentralized finance, but all the decentralization can make diving deep into the world of crypto investing a little, well, disorganized. If you've invested in more than just Bitcoin, you probably have various coins floating around in different wallets and exchanges, and this lack of centralization can make it difficult to track and manage your investments.

Enter crypto tracking apps. Whether you're new to crypto investing or a seasoned trader, you could probably benefit from a good crypto portfolio tracker. The best crypto tracking app should help you keep track of all your crypto assets and their prices while also providing you with a level of analysis that can help you make smart investment decisions. That said, here are some of the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2022.

Best for simplicity: Blockfolio/FTX

Blockfolio, now known as FTX, is one of the best free crypto portfolio trackers thanks to its clean mobile design, user-friendly interface and support for a wide variety of crypto assets. You can link this crypto tracking app up to various crypto exchanges or enter your crypto investments manually, and the app also offers customizable alerts.

FTX is also a crypto exchange, and you can earn up to 8% interest on your crypto deposits. There's no desktop or web-based app but the FTX mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

Best for crypto and stocks: Delta

Delta is one of the most user-friendly options, making it another one of the best crypto tracking apps for beginners. You can connect various crypto exchanges (it supports over 300) as well as your personal crypto wallets to Delta. The app supports live prices for over 5,000 crypto assets, and you can also track other popular assets like stocks, ETFs, bonds, mutual funds, and more.

Delta is free, although there is a paid PRO version that unlocks additional capabilities. It's available as a mobile app on iOS and Android.

Best for advanced tracking: Coin Market Manager

If you're more concerned about advanced capabilities and premium trading features than simplicity, Coin Market Manager is one of the best crypto tracking apps for your needs. In addition to being able to connect with most major crypto exchanges, this tracking app also offers in-depth trading analysis and performance history that can help you step up your crypto investing game.

This app is more comprehensive than your typical crypto tracker, so it's ideal for active traders but might be too much for beginners just looking to add a little crypto to their portfolio. If you're serious about trading and want access to all of Coin Market Manager's premium features, you'll want to upgrade to their Pro account for $49.99 per month.

Best for data: CoinMarketCap

Cryptocurrency data authority CoinMarketCap also offers one of the best crypto tracking apps. This app gives you the ability to track multiple crypto portfolios and supports a long list of altcoins. It also has flexible price tracking options for over 16,000 crypto assets. As a data aggregator, this app also provides detailed information about each coin that goes beyond what most crypto tracking apps offer.

CoinMarketCap is completely free to use and available for desktop and mobile (iOS and Android).

Best for managing all your finances: Lunch Money

Lunch Money is a unique crypto tracking app in that it's more of a money management app that includes crypto—think budgeting apps plus crypto portfolio trackers combined. Lunch Money allows you to track your crypto, brokerage accounts, credit cards, cash accounts, and a handful of other investment accounts all in one place.

You won't get the detailed coin information or trading analysis with Lunch Money that you would with some of the other best crypto tracking apps, but you will get a more comprehensive view of your financials. This makes it great for someone looking to manage their finances as a whole, crypto holdings included, but less than ideal for active traders.

Best for diversified investors: CoinStats

You can link both crypto exchanges and wallets to CoinStats for a detailed view and real-time updates on all your crypto holdings. This massive crypto tracking app has over 1.5 million users worldwide and supports over 8,000 crypto assets and roughly 30 exchanges.

Their Pro account is only $3.49 per month and gives you the ability to connect an unlimited number of portfolios, making this one of the best crypto tracking apps for traders with their fingers in a wide variety of crypto and DeFi assets. You can use their app on desktop, iOS, and Android as well as a long list of other smart devices.

Best for rewards: CoinGecko

Many investors don't realize that popular crypto data aggregator CoinGecko also offers a crypto portfolio tracker. While there are complaints about it running a little slowly, it's free to use, offers comprehensive features, and supports most crypto assets. Plus, it offers rewards. You earn "candy" every time you log in and use CoinGecko, and you can use it to buy books, various subscriptions to tech applications, hardware wallets and more.

If it's the rewards you're after, it's also worth considering crypto banks like that let you earn interest on your crypto deposits. With interest rates of up to 14%, it's possible to earn significant passive income on your crypto holdings.

Best overall: MoneyMade

Not to toot our own horns, but MoneyMade is by far the most comprehensive crypto tracking app. Not only can you connect your account to most popular exchanges and wallets (or enter your crypto manually), but you can also connect 180+ other investment accounts, whether you have accounts with stock brokerages and trading apps, real estate and lending apps, or NFTs and collectibles, all for free.

Once all your investments are connected to your MoneyMade account, you'll receive a detailed analysis of your portfolio that includes a risk score, rebalancing recommendations, and suggestions for new ways to invest that will help you move closer to your stated investing goals. Create a free account and connect your crypto and other investments to get started.