Rich Dudes│BitBoy Crypto's Journey To A $30M Net Worth From YouTube To Web3
Rich Dudes│BitBoy Crypto's Journey To A $30M Net Worth From YouTube To Web3

Rich Dudes│BitBoy Crypto's Journey To A $30M Net Worth From YouTube To Web3

Gain insights into the intriguing net worth and investment portfolio of BitBoy Crypto, a renowned cryptocurrency influencer, and learn about his journey from overcoming personal challenges to becoming a successful investor.







Passive Income

Passive Income

Ben Armstrong AKA BitBoy Crypto is a renowned YouTuber, investor, and content creator in the cryptocurrency sphere, accumulating substantial wealth from smart investments and putting out engaging online content on the latest crypto news.

BitBoy Crypto has garnered a massive following on social media, boasting over 1.46 million YouTube subscribers and 1 million Twitter followers. Armstrong has an estimated net worth of $30 million and has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since investing in Bitcoin in 2012.

With the growth of the digital currency market over the years, his investments have significantly appreciated and contributed to his wealth. Apart from investments, his popular YouTube channel and podcast generate significant revenue through sponsorships, ads, and promotions.

Let’s explore the key factors contributing to BitBoy Crypto's net worth, immerse ourselves in his investment strategies, and share insights into his fascinating journey within the crypto world.

Ben Armstrong


Net Worth

    BitBoy Crypto net worth at a glance

    Net Worth

    $30 million


    January 10, 1983


    American born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

    Became a Millionaire at



    Cryptocurrency investor, YouTuber, content creator, influencer

    Sources of Wealth

    Cryptocurrency investments, YouTube channel, podcasts, book, sponsorships, affiliate marketing

    Asset classes

    Bitcoin, ETH, altcoins, DeFi projects, NFTs

    How Bitboy made his money

    Armstrong faced a challenging struggle with drug addiction before making his mark on the crypto community. Through intense rehab and unwavering determination, he regained control over his life, setting the stage for his future success as an investor and online personality.

    Drawn to the emerging world of cryptocurrency in 2012, Armstrong's willingness to take risks in a nascent market catapulted him to the forefront of the digital asset industry. Overcoming personal challenges and recognizing the potential of various cryptocurrencies bolstered the foundation for his impressive accumulation of wealth.

    Bitboy Crypto YouTube channel

    Ben Armstrong created the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel and quickly gained popularity as a leading crypto influencer. As an early crypto content creator on YouTube, Armstrong attracted a huge following—especially after the 2017 bull run.

    His YouTube channel now boasts over 1.5 million subscribers and offers various content related to the cryptocurrency market, including news updates, project reviews, trading advice, and discussions of market trends.

    BitBoy Crypto hosts the BitSquad community where members can gain access to partner channels such as BitBoy Bits, Frankie Candles, HIT Network, Around The Blockchain, Blockchain Basement, and NFT Alpha.

    BitBoy Crypto's YouTube channel generates a substantial portion of Armstrong's income. His primary source of revenue stems from YouTube monetization. BitBoy Crypto's estimated gross revenue from his main YouTube channel equals $40,000 monthly.

    In addition to ad revenue from his YouTube channel, BitBoy Crypto has multiple avenues for generating income:

    1. Sponsorships: Armstrong has partnered with numerous cryptocurrency projects, receiving fees for promoting their products and services on his YouTube channel and social media platforms.
    2. Affiliate marketing: By recommending products and services related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, BitBoy can earn commissions for referrals that lead to sales or sign-ups.
    3. Book: Armstrong authored a book on cryptocurrency investing titled Catching Up to Crypto: Your Guide to Bitcoin and the New Digital Economy. The book was released in 2023 and Armstrong makes money from book sales.
    4. BitSquad community: As BitBoy Crypto's community continues to grow, Armstrong has opportunities to monetize his following through subscription-based services, exclusive content on historical Bitcoin cycles, and merchandise sales.

    Although BitBoy Crypto seems successful, his journey involved controversy. Critics claim Armstrong lacks transparency regarding paid promotions for cryptocurrency projects. But making some misleading claims in the past hasn’t put a damper on BitBoy’s success as a crypto influencer with a current estimated net worth of $30 million.

    For aspiring investors, remember the importance of conducting thorough research and due diligence when exploring investment opportunities, as influencers could have undisclosed financial incentives that possibly cause them to spew misleading information.

    Latest crypto news

    As a bitcoin early adopter, Armstrong's YouTube channel and quickly gained a massive following after the prominent bull run in 2017.

    BitBoy Crypto News releases crypto-related blogs dedicated to providing comprehensive, exclusive stories on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and offering fresh perspectives beyond traditional crypto news sources.

    In addition to news updates, the platform provides weekly email updates, promotions, cryptocurrency trading advice, and exclusive crypto content for members of the BitSquad community. BitBoy Crypto is a reliable and valuable resource for staying informed on the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency industry.

    Promoting crypto tax help & crypto retirement accounts

    BitBoy Crypto partners with CoinLedger, a company that offers an extensive range of services to assist cryptocurrency investors in managing their investments, including IRS-compliant outputs, outstanding customer support, a comprehensive knowledge base, and ticket escalation to CPAs and attorneys.

    CoinLedger’s user-friendly interface offers real-time reporting, normalized data across all exchanges, unified 1099 to 8949 forms, and exportable transaction reports. It also gives users can access to powerful dashboards, consolidated asset balances, and unrealized gains and loss statements in one place.

    The platform also takes security very seriously, boasting regulatory certifications, secure payment information collection, and compatibility with over 2,000 cryptocurrencies.

    BitBoy makes money from an affiliate partnership with platforms like CoinLedger tax tracking services and crypto retirement account platforms like iTrustCapital. It’s unclear how much the crypto influencer has earned from promoting these services, but the kickbacks he gets from signing up new users surely help him make ends meet.

    Crypto merchandise

    For those looking to wear their crypto passion, BitBoy Crypto offers premium quality gear, including jerseys, hoodies, tees, and more through his HIT Merch store. For instance, BitBoy sells mugs for $18 to $20, t-shirts for $30, and jerseys for $50.

    It’s uncertain how much money BitBoy makes from his merch store, but we can assume it pulls just shy of $10,000 per month in revenue based on the number of subscribers he has and considering that the average merch revenue for a YouTuber is $70 per 11,000 subscribers.

    How Bitboy Crypto invests

    BitBoy Crypto's portfolio spans a wide array of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ETH, and altcoins, decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While BitBoy’s early investments in Bitcoin contributed significantly to his wealth, we must look closer at each asset class to better understand his portfolio.

    Recently, BitBoy Crypto faced legal action from several United States, Australian, England, and Canadian residents for promoting FTX, resulting in a significant hit to his portfolio that amounted to a $3 million dip in value.

    Determined to rebuild his portfolio, the crypto enthusiast plans to make large cryptocurrency investments in both Bitcoin and Ethereum, allocating 30% of his investments to these cryptocurrencies. The remaining 70% will be distributed among altcoins such as Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum, Polkadot, and XRP, and possibly even meme coins like Big Eyes Coins.

    Bitcoin and ETH

    A trailblazer in the crypto community, BitBoy Crypto swiftly identified Bitcoin's potential and became an early adopter, capitalizing on the digital currency's immense gains. Recognizing Ether's promise as the world's second-largest cryptocurrency, Armstrong broadened his investments to accommodate both currencies, boosting his wealth accumulation in the process.

    Although he’s lost bitcoin to hacks in the past, Armstrong still believes in Bitcoin. He plans to invest 30% of his cryptocurrency portfolio into Bitcoin and Ethereum and allocate the remaining to altcoins.


    Far from limiting himself to just Bitcoin and Ethereum, BitBoy Crypto analyzed and invested in various altcoins, which can often provide incredible returns due to their high-risk, high-reward nature. By identifying promising projects, Armstrong has had the potential to reap substantial returns in the rapidly shifting crypto ecosystem.

    Bitboy plans on investing a 70% allocation into altcoins like Polygon, Arbitrum, Solana, Polkadot, and XRP. Armstrong will employ a dollar-cost averaging strategy to invest across different cryptocurrencies, aiming to mitigate market volatility impacts on his portfolio.

    As investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks, conducting comprehensive research, following the best trading indicators, and consulting a financial advisor are crucial before making any investment decisions.

    Armstrong remains particularly optimistic about the future of XRP, believing it will skyrocket upon the conclusion of the ongoing court case with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


    As the DeFi market emerged and gained traction, BitBoy Crypto expanded his investments into this potentially lucrative sector. Backing various DeFi projects enabled Armstrong to diversify even further into the crypto space, benefitting from the enormous growth in this innovative alternative finance sector.


    Spotting the growing popularity and adoption of non-fungible tokens, BitBoy Crypto dove into the NFT market, investing in digital artwork, collectibles, and other unique virtual assets. This additional layer of diversification allowed him to maintain relevance and capitalize on the latest trends within the ever-evolving digital asset landscape.

    Bitboy Crypto investing quotes

    BitBoy Crypto's estimated net worth of $30 million stands as a testament to his astute investments and risk-taking in the notoriously complex cryptocurrency market. Through triumphing over personal adversity, diversifying his investments intelligently, and continuously adapting to new trends, Armstrong has become a social media sensation and a crypto mogul.

    Despite the occasional controversy involving BitBoy Crypto, his success underscores the importance of undertaking comprehensive research and staying informed in the fast-paced world of digital assets.

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