Rich Dudes│Social Media Influencer Druski’s $1M Net Worth
Rich Dudes│Social Media Influencer Druski’s $1M Net Worth

Rich Dudes│Social Media Influencer Druski’s $1M Net Worth

From battling depression and dropping out of college to monetizing social media and collaborating with Lil Yachty, Drake, and Jack Harlow, here’s Druski’s journey to a $1 million net worth.







The hilarious American comedian turned social media celeb Druski went from cracking everyone up on his Instagram, TikTok, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms to starting his own music label. This guy's got talent and charm in spades.

Druski's adventure began in high school followed by stints at Georgia Gwinnett College and Georgia Southern University—all made possible by his wonderful mom Cheryl Desbordes’s unwavering support.

Druski's unique comedic style, infectious humor, growing fanbase, and smart investment choices have made him one of the richest comedians on social media.

Deciding college wasn't for him, Druski left to pursue his comedy dreams, which paid off. Now he's rockin' a $1 million net worth thanks to killer brand collaborations, merch sales, and live shows.

In his personal life, Druski treasures his tight-knit family, which includes his younger sister, and calls Atlanta, Georgia, home. The social media personality is of African-American descent, and when he’s not posting on his Instagram account or producing a music video, he’s dabbling in alternative asset investments like cars and sports teams.

Druski net worth at a glance

Net worth

$1 million


September 12, 1994


American born in Baltimore, Maryland

Became a millionaire at



Comedian, influencer, and content creator

Sources of wealth


Asset classes

Sports, cars, startups

How Druski made his money

Hilarious Druski first appeared in Lil Yachty's ‘Oprah's Bank Account’ music video in March 2020 before collaborating with stars like Drake and Jack Harlow. Fast forward to March 2023, and Druski’s net worth is around $1 million thanks to the gut-busting humor he developed early in his career.

Druski took off after sharing hilarious comedy videos across social media platforms, gaining over 5.7 million followers on Instagram alone and a massive TikTok fan base. The social media star skillfully monetized his presence, amassing his million-dollar fortune.

Druski's brand partnerships, product promotions, and merchandise sales through his website and social media accounts have also boosted his wealth. He's appeared in TV shows, music videos, and commercials like Sneakin' In with Druski and even partnered with Snoop Dogg and Lil Yachty to ‘save the planet.’

The Druski early life story began as a community college student with a unique comedic style and charisma that led to his rapid rise as a social media personality. Druski's infectious personality, appearances in music videos and comedy skits, and growing fanbase have made him among the fastest-growing social media personalities.

How Druski invests

Druski2Funny may be famous for cracking us up, but he's no joke about money management. He's wisely diversified his portfolio, putting his bucks into alternative assets like expensive cars, record labels, and even a merch company.

In March 2023, Druski dropped some major news on his Instagram account—he's now part owner of the reigning champs of the Fan Controlled Football League, previously known as the Wild Aces. With moves like these, Druski keeps stacking that dough and fortifying his financial future.

So, let's peek into Druski's assets to uncover what he's been up to and how this funny guy makes wise investments.


Druski is flexing his investment muscles with the FCF Shoulda Been Stars, the current Fan Controlled Football League champions. TMZ reveals that this funny guy means business, becoming a stakeholder and guaranteeing a championship win for the team.

Joined by fellow owners like LA Chargers running back Austin Ekeler, Altered State Machine, and TV host Rachel Lindsay, they work together to fulfill FCF's mission of delivering pro football with a cutting-edge twist. With their combined efforts, legendary players like Terrell Owens and Michael Vick could be on the roster next season.

Investing in an American football team can be exhilarating, especially with NFL team values rising 14% in 2021 and league revenue hitting $18 billion in 2022. Although risks exist, such as team performance and league policies, having the funds and a passion for football could make this investment a financial touchdown.


Druski's investment portfolio also includes his fashion brand 4LIFERS, which handles production, promotion, and sales of his comfy and colorful clothing line, promoting his social media and ticket sales.

He also owns a satirical comic record label called "Coulda Been Records," which playfully mocks unhappy artists in the industry. The label hosts auditions online and in multiple cities and has collaborated with big names like 21 Savage, Drake, GloRilla, Kevin Hart, NBA YoungBoy, and Kodak Black.

Investing in a music record label could hit a high note with substantial returns, as the U.S. and Global music industries generated over $15.9 billion and $31.2 billion in 2022.

As streaming now drives growth—accounting for 65% of total revenues in 2022— returns are likely to fluctuate, so music label investments demand a strong understanding of the music industry and an embrace of risk.


Druski's love for luxury cars shows he invests from the heart. While many cars appear in his social media skits, it’s uncertain whether any of them are his.

Druski's collection includes a 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport worth around $35,190, and he mentioned owning a 2013 Jeep Cherokee in a Club Shay Shay interview.

Luxury car investing can be unpredictable, with luxury and classic vehicles holding value and appreciation potential despite how cars typically depreciate. However, maintenance and storage fees can impact profits, and market fluctuations affect returns. Despite these factors, car investments can be rewarding for those familiar with the market and ready to face risks and costs.

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