Rich Dudes│How Vine Stars Logan & Jake Paul Achieved a $135M Net Worth
Rich Dudes│How Vine Stars Logan & Jake Paul Achieved a $135M Net Worth

Rich Dudes│How Vine Stars Logan & Jake Paul Achieved a $135M Net Worth

Brothers Logan and Jake Paul have amassed a fortune through merch, social media, martial arts, and web3. Here’s how they invest their $135 million net worth.

Irene Eddy

Updated Mar 14, 2023

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Real Estate

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Jake and Logan Paul are the ultimate power duo. These brothers from Westlake, Ohio have been making waves in the entertainment industry since 2013. The older brother Jake is a renowned social media celebrity and boxing champion who rose to fame on the popular Vine app alongside his brother before starring in two seasons of the Disney Channel sitcom Bizaardvark.

Paul lost his massive following when Vine was abruptly shut down, despite being one of the most popular people on the app with well over a million followers at his peak.

Jake and Logan have both invested heavily in bitcoin and Ethereum, with Logan pouring millions of dollars into crypto [and] nearly $2.6 million in 139 NFTs in 2021.

His younger brother Logan is an equally impressive figure. With 23 million YouTube subscribers, three spots on the Forbes highest-paid YouTube creators list, and 4 million podcast listeners, Logan has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with.

From their humble beginnings as social media stars to becoming two of the most successful boxers in the world, to launching their own fashion line—it's no wonder they've made over $135 million. These two brothers are a dynamic pair—whether they’re sparring in the ring or in the world of showbiz.

The Paul Brothers' net worth at a glance

Combined net worth

$135 million

Logan Paul born

April 1, 1995

Jake Paul born 

January 17, 1997


Americans born in Ohio

Became a millionaire at

Logan at 21 & Jake at 19


Logan: Vlogger, actor, movie director, social media celebrity, and professional wrestler.


Jake: YouTuber, social media personality, actor, and boxer. 

Sources of wealth

YouTube, movies and television, sponsorships, boxing, professional wrestling, and brand endorsements

Asset classes

Real estate, startups, cryptocurrency, yachts, cars, and watches

How Logan & Jake Paul made their money

American social media personality Jake Paul is the king of hustle. He's a professional YouTuber, boxer, and entrepreneur, and he made money from all of these ventures. For starters, he has over 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he posts content covering topics from boxing to comedy to lifestyle tips.

Jake Paul has earned millions of dollars from his professional boxing career. He’s fought NBA star Nate Robinson, MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, and MMA legend Anderson Silva—earning an estimated $40 million dollars in boxing matches in 2021 alone. The release of the music video for his 2017 single ‘It's Everyday Bro’ caused quite a stir and garnered extensive media coverage.

Jake also earns money from PPV revenue, endorsements, and sponsorships. He's had deals with brands such as boohooMan, DraftKings, RNBO Clothing, and SPRAYGROUND. Jake Paul’s net worth is an estimated hundred million dollars.

In 2013, Logan Paul was just a random kid from Ohio living his engineering dreams—but that all changed quickly. Today, Logan Paul’s net worth is in the vicinity of seven figures from six income streams.

He made a million dollars from his fight with KSI and $10 million for fighting all-star boxer Floyd Mayweather. On top of that, he’s got a massive clothing line that sells over a million dollars a day and brings in $11.5 million annually.

He's also got the Maverick Club which can bring in $5.5 million in a given year, and a Pokemon card side hustle which made him $270,000.

Logan Paul’s also got over two million podcast subscribers and makes $2 million a year from sponsorships while hauling in $3.35 million annually from YouTube AdSense. All in all, Logan earns up to $32.7 million per year.

Currently, Logan and Jake Paul have conquered the internet and become two of the most coveted YouTubers. From making videos in their rooms to selling out boxing stadium, these two have earned millions doing what they love. And boy, do they love drawing attention.

How Logan & Jake Paul invest

Logan Paul and Jake Paul are two of the most successful young entrepreneurs in recent years. They’ve built up vast personal fortunes and have invested in various assets and ventures.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul may look similar, but their investment styles couldn't be more different. Logan is all about the bling, splurging on the latest and fanciest cars, an expensive Holo Charizard card, and some seriously glamorous NFTs.

Meanwhile, Jake is a flashy high roller—think Richard Mille watches and Lamborghinis with diamond-encrusted wheels. Properties have been greenlit too, with both brothers building up well-stocked crypto and real estate portfolios.

Let’s zoom in a bit more on their investments.

Startups: Maverick Apparel

Logan Paul founded Maverick Apparel, a line of influencer-themed merchandise launched in 2018. The brand has seen incredible success, with Paul claiming that it earned him between $30 million to $40 million within the first year of launching.

Maverick underwent a substantial rebrand in May 2020 to move away from traditional influencer merchandise and become a full-fledged fashion brand. Logan invested heavily in the brand, launching online clothing sales, celebrity collabs, and retail stores.

Maverick Apparel has seen success across various sales platforms and is one of the leading fashion brands in the influencer marketplace.

Real estate

Logan and Jake Paul have certainly been making real estate investments look easy—and fun. Jake Paul is the older, more experienced investor of the two, having accumulated over ten properties across the United States already.

Younger brother Jake has one of his principal residences in California—a 14,000-square-foot luxury villa costing him $11 million. But his real estate portfolio also includes a New York City apartment worth $4 million, a mansion in Florida worth $7 million, and another $3 million villa in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Logan's portfolio consists of a million-dollar desert ranch in California, a $13 million mansion in Ritz-Carlton's private gated community in Puerto Rico, and an 80-acre Fobes Ranch property in the San Jacinto Mountains worth a million bucks.

According to ATTOM, the year-end 2021 U.S. home sales report shows that the average profit on a median-priced home sale was $94,092, or a 45.3% return on investment. That means profits are up 45% from the $64,931 average in 2020, and up 71% from the $55,000 average in 2018.

Additionally, real estate tends to be safer due to its lower risk profile compared to the stock market. However, real estate performance can vary due to economic indicators such as GDP, employment, prices of goods, as well as location—obviously.

Crypto and NFTs

Jake and Logan Paul have long been big advocates and supporters of cryptocurrency, having poured large sums of money into digital currency investments. In April 2021, Jake told the biggest crypto YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto that he had invested in bitcoin at 16—when it was just $100—and that it was one of the best investments of his life.

Despite the crypto market crash earlier this year, Logan has continued to pump money into digital currency and has even created his own project, CryptoZoo. The project has received a lot of flack from critics, but Logan insists that he’ll deliver on his promises.

Jake and Logan have both invested heavily in bitcoin and Ethereum, with Logan pouring millions of dollars into crypto. Logan has also dabbled in NFTs, investing nearly $2.6 million in 139 NFTs in 2021.

Crypto has undoubtedly been a wild ride for investors this past year. From its all-time high in November 2021 of almost $70,000, bitcoin has since dropped to 

. The once booming $3 trillion crypto industry is down to around $1 trillion today.

The dramatic shift has left many investors uncertain and cautious about the future of cryptocurrency. Despite this setback, some industry experts remain optimistic that bitcoin and other cryptos will continue to grow in popularity and value over the long term.

However, others are more skeptical and warn of the risks of investing in such a volatile market. As the cryptocurrency market evolves and adapts, only time will tell what the future holds for this rapidly changing industry.

Luxury watches

Logan and Jake Paul sure know how to spend their money. These brothers are not shy about showing off their love for luxury watches.

Jake Paul is so obsessed with watches that he gifted himself an 18.5-carat diamond timepiece for his 21st birthday. Jake has a watch collection worth around $850,000 including names like Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, and Montblanc.

Exotic cars

Meanwhile, Logan Paul's car collection is just as impressive as his brother's wristwatches. He owns a Mercedes Benz G550 4x4 (G-wagon) which costs $230,000.

Logan Paul threw $150,000 to acquire a Mercedes Maverick Sprinter van. And don't forget his Dodge Challenger SRT8, a bargain for only $70,000. He also owns a fully customized bus called "The Cool Bus" which he spent $110,000 on.

Jake also has a fleet of luxury cars like Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, and a Lamborghini Huracán worth $750,000. It's safe to say that these brothers have a lot of money to spend, and they're not afraid to show it off.

Luxury wristwatches and cars may not provide the same returns as bonds or real estate, but they’ve proven to be a viable investment asset for those not too concerned with liquidity.

According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII), high-end watches have seen a 69% growth over the last ten years. Meanwhile, luxury cars outperform the mainstream market and can have double-digit margins for OEMs & suppliers. McKinsey & Company suggests that the luxury car segment could see 8% to 14% growth annually.

However, luxury watches are less practical in comparison and should be viewed more as an accessory. Still, luxury items are rewarding in that they let investors own something stunning, historically relevant, and exclusive that has resale potential.


Logan owns the most expensive Pokémon card in the world, such as a PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator worth $5 million, a Holo Chansey worth up to $50,000, and two Holo Charizards valued at a million dollars each.

Jake and Logan Paul’s net worth summary

Logan and Jake Paul have used their star power and influence to become two of the most successful entrepreneurs of the digital age. From real estate to startups to cryptocurrency and NFTs, these brothers have made smart investment choices and built wealth in the process.

Whether you’re a fan of their antics or not, you have to admit that the Paul brothers make business look easy.

Logan Paul investing quotes

1. Take risks to succeed

2. Find your success

Jake Paul investing quotes 

1. Embrace challenges

2. There’s no straight path to success

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