Popfolios│Top 8 Stranger Things Funko Pops To Invest In
Popfolios│Top 8 Stranger Things Funko Pops To Invest In

Popfolios│Top 8 Stranger Things Funko Pops To Invest In

Explore the alluring realm of Stranger Things Funko Pops, featuring iconic characters like Eleven and Hopper, as they offer rare and unique alternative investment opportunities.





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Venture into the spine-tingling dimension of alternative investments with Stranger Things, the riveting Netflix sensation. This eerie, captivating realm has unleashed an array of collectibles starring those irresistible Stranger Things Funko Pops.

These quirky figures teleport fans' favorite characters home and unlock unconventional investment prospects, courtesy of their rarity and exclusivity.

Stranger Things Funko Pops

Ready to embark on a thrilling Funko Pop treasure hunt? Dive into the enchanting Stranger Things universe, where over 120 irresistibly charming figures await your discovery. Spice up your collection with fan faves like Steve, Dustin, Eddie, and the fearsome Demogorgon while spotlighting secret stars like Joyce, Nancy, and Barb.

Despite the lure of fortune, remember that navigating the Upside Down of investments is a fun and unpredictable journey, with guaranteed profits playing hide-and-seek. Unique elements, like oversized and deluxe figures, can add extra oomph to your market explorations.

So, saddle up, embrace the adventure, and revel in the exciting world of Stranger Things Funko Pop collecting. Ready, set, collect. Here are eight fabulous Funko Pop picks for your Stranger Things adventure.

512 Hopper (Gold) (SDCC 2018)

  • Average Price: $5,100
  • Highest Sale Price: $5,999
  • Supply/Rarity: Extremely rare (LE 40)
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: SDCC exclusive, Gold

The Hopper Gold variant is scarce and limited, making it one of the most expensive Stranger Things Funko Pops.
Source: eloutput.com

Comic-Con Funkos are thrillingly elusive, and the gleaming Golden Hopper from Stranger Things is no exception. With only 40 figures created for 2018's Comic-Con, it's ultra-rare and valued at over $3,000. As a sought-after 512 Hopper Gold variant, one authentic piece reached $25,000 on eBay.

475 Steve (SDCC 2017)

  • Average Price: $420
  • Highest Sale Price: $495
  • Supply/Rarity: Rare, limited edition
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: SDCC exclusive

The rare and limited Funko Pop Steve with Bat is no longer in production, thus increasing its value.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

Steve's unforgettable nail bat from season two of Stranger Things left fans yearning for more, and here's the perfect souvenir: the 2017 SDCC Summer Convention Exclusive Funko Pop! Television Stranger Things Steve With Bat 475. This precious, limited-edition vinyl figure showcases Steve valiantly wielding his iconic bat, ready to defeat monsters.

As a vaulted piece and no longer in production, this San Diego Comic-Con gem is highly sought-after, fetching an impressive $350 on eBay. Relive the nostalgia and enrich your collection with this exceptional Funko Pop! figure.

674 Robin (SDCC 2018)

  • Average Price: $320
  • Highest Sale Price: $509
  • Supply/Rarity: Limited edition (LE 1800)
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: SDCC exclusive

Robin Funko Pop is highly sought after due to its limited supply and costs more than $300.
Source: walmart.com

The 674 Robin Stranger Things Funko Pop is an SDCC 2018 exclusive, making it a rare collectible item highly sought after by Stranger Things fans. It’s a limited edition with only 1,800 pieces produced, making it valuable for collectors.

601 Dart (Chase)

  • Average Price: $66
  • Highest Sale Price: $66
  • Supply/Rarity: Chase variant, rare
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: Chase

The Dart 601 Funko Pop is worth around $65 and features a chase variant of Dart with his mouth closed.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

The Funko Pop Stranger Things Dart Chase 601 is a vinyl figure released by Funko in their POP! TV x Stranger Things vinyl figure series. This figure is a Chase variant of the original Dart Demodog vinyl figure. The Chase variant features Dart with his mouth closed, while the classic version has his mouth open.

728 Steve and Demodog

  • Average Price: $61
  • Highest Sale Price: $176
  • Supply/Rarity: Regular release
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: None

The Steve and Demodog Funko Pop Captures the exciting moment of Steve fighting a Demodog in detail.
Source: fears.splitlift.site

The Funko Pop Movie Moment featuring Steve from Stranger Things fighting a Demodog is a popular collectible item among show fans. The figurine depicts Steve in his everyday clothes, complete with his jeans and Members Only jacket, fighting against one of the creatures from the Upside Down.

640 Billy

  • Average Price: $65
  • Highest Sale Price: $125
  • Supply/Rarity: Regular release
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: None

The 640 Billy Funko Pop is regularly priced at over $55.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

The Funko Pop figure of the nasty and rebellious Billy at Halloween is taken from the scene at the Halloween party where he is wearing blue jeans, white sneakers, a black leather jacket, and those badass fingerless gloves.

428 Demogorgon (Gold) (SDCC 2019)

  • Average Price: $30
  • Highest Sale Price: $32
  • Supply/Rarity: SDCC 2019 exclusive
  • Size: Standard size (3.75 inches)
  • Variant: Gold

The Gold variant of the Funko Pop Demogorgon monster is exclusive with an affordable sale price of $59.99.
Source: cardboardconnection.com

The 428 Funko Pop Demogorgon (Gold) is a limited edition vinyl figure from Stranger Things. It’s a special edition item released at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. The figure is a tribute to the first season of Stranger Things and features the monster with a tall, skinny physique and eerie head ready to eat your soul.

722 Demogorgon (Target)

  • Average Price: $30
  • Highest Sale Price: $125
  • Supply/Rarity: Target Exclusive
  • Size: 10 inches (Jumbo)
  • Variant: Jumbo

The 10-inch Funko Pop Demagogue is estimated at $49. 
Source: stockx.com

The 722 Demogorgon Jumbo Funko Pop stands ten inches tall and is perfect for any Stranger Things fan. The figurine features the terrifying Demogorgon. It is a must-have for any authentic Stranger Things collection.

Investing in Stranger Things toys

Funko Pop collecting is a whirlwind of non-stop fun. With oodles of options, boredom doesn't stand a chance. Better yet, you can flaunt your Pop Vinyl figures in style, unboxed or atop their cases, without losing value.

But a friendly heads-up: not all Pops are equal in the investment game. To hit the jackpot, hunt for those ultra-rare limited editions, turning your collection into a treasure trove of delight.