SuperRare is an exclusive NFT art marketplace built on Ethereum.

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SuperRare is an online marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks. Each artwork on SuperRare is a digital collectible - a digital object secured by cryptography and tracked on the blockchain - created by an artist in the network, and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade. SuperRare believes that collecting is inherently social, and since digital collectibles have a transparent record of ownership, SuperRare believes they’re perfect for a social environment. The social layer can make it easier to assess value and other context around items in the marketplace.

Why Invest

  • Own and trade rare digital artwork
  • 10% royalty on secondary sales for artists
  • Trusted community that gives artists direct access to buyers

How you make money

You can earn a return through buying and selling digital artwork NFTs on SuperRare. Purchase digital artworks that you believe are undervalued, wait for them to appreciate, and then sell them in the marketplace. While it's not investing, you can also make money on SuperRare by creating and selling your own digital artwork. On the primary sale of any artwork, also known as a “mint sale,” the artist gets 85% of the sale price. Any sale following a mint sale is considered a secondary sale. During a secondary sale, when a collector resells an artwork to a new owner, the collector gets 90% of the sale, and the original artist gets 10% as a royalty.

How SuperRare makes money

On the primary sale of any artwork, also known as a “mint sale” (the sale directly from the artist themselves after minting the artwork), the artist gets 85% of the sale price, and SuperRare takes the remaining 15% as a commission fee. On top of that, SuperRare charges a simple 3% transaction fee for all purchases, paid by the buyer.

Is it safe?

SuperRare is safe because it is secured with the power of blockchain. Like most NFT marketplaces it is also non-custodial, meaning that your NFTs never leave your wallet until they are sold, they are simply locked into a smart contract, same with funds when placing a bid on an auction. When a sale occurs, the smart contract you agree to when listing or bidding on an NFT activates and pulls it from your wallet, in exchange depositing the funds you are owed, or vice versa. Everything is secured by the blockchain and verifiable.

Things to know

  • You make money onValue
  • Fees3%
  • Payout frequencyAsset sold + Royalties
  • Term of investment months
  • LiquidityEasy
  • Open toAll Investors


  • Country availabilityWorldwide
  • Assets under managementUnknown
  • Established2017
  • Mobile Application No

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