Goldin is an auctioneer platform for collectibles, memorabilia, and trading cards. They serve millions of customers around the globe and advertise an immense inventory, top-of-the-line customer service, and safe shipment of assets. These features deliver on Goldin's goal of always putting their clients first.

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Goldin is an auction platform that's designed by collectors for collectors. It was founded in 2012 by Ken Goldin, a global leader in the collectible industry. He created the platform to share both his love for collecting and the potential profits from this asset class. Goldin auctions offer memorabilia, trading cards, and other sport collectables. In addition to their massive inventory of goods, they proritize speedy shipping and high-quality customer service. Goldin also has a vault where users can securely store their collectibles and then view them in their digital portfolio.

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Top Perks

  • Investors that are passionate about sports collectibles and want their platform to have the same enthusiasm.

  • A one stop shop for all your collectible needs (grading, selling, and storage).

  • Accessing a seemingly endless inventory of collectible assets you can bid on.

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How you make money

On Goldin you make money as items in your collection are sold at auction. Changes in value are reflected when an item similar to yours is sold, but you must sell your item to realize any profits.

How Goldin makes money

Goldin makes money through a variety of buyer and seller fees. Their income primarily comes from a 20% buyers premium that's added to  the price of the asset. Also, there are seller fees that vary depending on the “quantity, quality and value of your collection or item(s).” All items auctioned at Goldin are graded and authenticated, the costs of which are also deducted from the seller’s earnings.

Is it safe?

Goldin is one of the oldest and most recognizable trading card platforms out there; It has been around for a decade and did over $100 million in sales during 2021. In recent auctions, 92% of items have recieved bids. Sports cards themselves are a low to moderate risk asset class, so pick your collectibles carefully and don’t worry too much about sudden drops in value. To insure that all items arrive safely to buyers, Goldin has a mandatory insurance policy on any asset purchased throughout the entire shipping process. Additonally, the Goldin team is loaded with experienced professionals and passionate collectors that maintain a high standard for what gets auctioned on the platform.

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How You’re Taxed

Capital Gains

Capital Gains

Income Tax

Income Tax

If you are investing on a sports card investment platform like Collectable, where you own a fraction of or a % of a card:

  1. Sale of card: If the card is sold, you receive the equivalent of a dividend. Your profits are then taxed as income.
  2. Secondary market: If you trade your shares on the secondary market, your profits are taxed as capital gains.

For those of you selling a sports card you purchased, card investments are classified as 'collectibles.' Gains on cards held for one year or less are taxed as ordinary income—the same tax treatment as short-term capital gains (STCGs). Gains on cards held more than one year are taxed as ordinary income, except the maximum tax rate is 28%


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William Erlanger

Republic is awesome for all investors, but especially for non accredited investors looking to get exposure in startups. Using autopilot, you are able to diversify your startup portfolio with cheap minimums. Although you do not directly pick which startups you invest in with autopilot, you are able to cancel your investment if you do not like the startup that Republic chooses for you.

Republic allows companies like Uprightoats on their platform to take investments, keep them for 2 months and pick and choose investors dumping some by cancellation. Probably dumping investors who made minimum investments and keeping others who were more generous. Stay away from investing here unless your only goal is to getting a free package of product and/or t-shirt for your minimum investments