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Wahed Invest is an America-based Halal-focused investment firm. It is the first robo-advisor aimed toward Muslim investors with a Sharia-compliant platform.

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Target return

7% - 10%



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Invest in line with your beliefs. Wahed Invest LLC. (“Wahed”) is an online investment advisor that aims to provide an efficient and halal investment platform. Their platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently. A halal investment fund is one that is structured in accordance to Islamic principles and Wahed is Shari'ah compliant. Their firm, and all the securities they trade are monitored by their Shariah Review Board, Shariyah Review Bureau. All securities chosen by Wahed undergo a rigorous screening process in which their management team and ethical scholars work together to tailor portfolios with the goal of providing attractive investment returns. They help you choose a risk level that's right for you. Once you fund your account, they'll do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters to you. 

Why Invest

  • $100 account minimum.
  • Invest in line with your faith.
  • No lock-in period. You can place a withdrawal or deposit request at any time.

How you make money

Through a customized portfolio based on risk profile and asset allocation you will earn money through stock price appreciation and dividends paid from the companies you invest into. For reference: according to historical records, the average annual return from the S&P Index since its inception in 1926 through 2018 is approximately 10%–11%. The average annual return since adopting 500 stocks into the index in 1957 through 2018 is roughly 8%. Adjusted for inflation, the historical average annual return is around 7%. However, it's important to note that each Robo has their own investment strategy that can influence returns.

How Wahed Invest makes money

Wahed charges a single fee for all our services, which is inclusive of management, custodian and transaction fees. It is a percentage of your account size and ranges from 0.49% to 0.79% per year. You will never be charged for having an open account with a $0 balance.

Is it safe?

Unlike FDIC insurance for banks, SIPC does not protect against loss of principal due to movements in the market value of your securities. However, your investment is insured up to $500,000 per account type against the loss of cash and securities – such as stocks and bonds – held by a customer at a financially-troubled SIPC-member brokerage firm. Your account is insured through our trusted broker/custodian, Apex Clearing Corporation, a member of the Security Investor Protection Corporation. For details, please see www.sipc.org.

Things to know

  • You make money onValue + Dividends
  • Fees0.49%
  • Payout frequencyQuarterly
  • Term of investmentZero
  • LiquidityModerate
  • Open toAll Investors


  • Country availabilityWorldwide
  • Assets under managementUnknown
  • Established2015
  • Mobile ApplicationIOS, Android

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Any references to past performance, regarding financial markets or otherwise, do not indicate or guarantee future results.

Forward-looking statements, including without limitations investment outcomes and projections, are hypothetical and educational in nature. The results of any hypothetical projections can and may differ from actual investment results had the strategies been deployed in actual securities accounts.


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