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Through CaskX, investors are able to own stocks of whiskey without having to make and sell it themselves by opening a distillery.


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CaskX offers individuals the opportunity to invest in full barrels of scotch and bourbon from leading distilleries across the United States and Scotland. CaskX allows qualifying investors to secure bourbon and scotch holdings that protect wealth during economic uncertainty, deliver consistent growth as the liquid matures over time and provide multiple paths to profitable exit when the time is right. Investors pay everything off in advance, including taxes, insurance, and storage fees. After that, it’s a waiting game. As the facilitator, CaskX is purchasing barrels in bulk and aging the stock in their associated distilleries. When the whiskey matures, the company helps its clients resell, bottle and/or distribute their portfolio.

Things to Know

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    When asset is sold

  • Term of investment

    60+ months

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    Accredited Only

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Top Perks

  • Easy cask portfolio browsing & management online

  • All portfolios include a 10 year storage plan

  • Trade managers on hand for issue resolution

How you make money

Interested investors will work directly with a CaskX employee, who will help identify mash bills or distilleries that would best suit the investor. The person will then purchase a minimum of 24 casks, but 48-60 is a typical purchase. CaskX will then be responsible for storing the bourbon for eight to ten years. Once the bourbon is finished aging, the CaskX representative will help clients resell, bottle or distribute their portfolio to make a profit.

How CaskX makes money

Any business, including both old and new distilleries, needs cash to run. Whisky, however, needs to mature for three years before it can even be called whisky. This is law, but several more years are usually necessary for the liquid to reach optimal color and flavor. During this important time, distilleries choose to sell new make and young casks in order to remain operational. This is where investors come in. Selling casks keep the lights on for new, exciting distilleries and investors make that a possibility.

Is it safe?

Founded by a team passionate about whiskey and seasoned in alternative investments, CaskX is the first company specializing in the sale of whiskey cask portfolios to investors in the United States and Australia. They currently have 16 employees and are located in Los Angeles, Australia, and Hong Kong. 


CaskX partners with established distilleries who have a history in producing and marketing premium bourbon. Investors are protected by stringent federal regulations governing production, transportation and distribution of each barrel. The ownership rights for each investment are transferred directly to the investor, providing complete transparency and peace of mind. Investments are held securely in a government bonded warehouse under the strict oversight of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which verifies the provenance and ownership rights for each cask.

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