Out of Sight: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Invisible Friends NFT
Out of Sight: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Invisible Friends NFT

Out of Sight: Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Invisible Friends NFT

NFT hype has died down in 2023, but that means it's 'buy low' season for diehard web3 communities. Here's why Invisible Friends could be a game-changer.







The Invisible Friends NFTs collection has been around for what seems like forever (or at least since 2022) and has become a web3 staple. They've partnered with major brands, did some good for the world, and have a bright future ahead of them in 2023.

Invisible Friends has positioned itself as a blue-chip project that goes beyond the hype.

But should this collection be on your radar if you’re an investor looking to diversify into digital collectibles? Let's talk about the rise of Invisible Friends and whether they deserve a spot in your portfolio.

Invisible Friends key stats:

Date launched

March 2022



Floor price*

2.8 ETH

Highest sale price*

200 ETH

Average price*

3.6 ETH

Total volume*

46,957 ETH

Number of unique holders*


*Gathered on 1/11/2023

What are Invisible Friends?

The Invisible Friends NFT project was designed by Swedish animator Markus Magnusson. It’s a procedurally generated collection of 5,000 one-of-a-kind, cartoon-style animations featuring invisible characters.

The collection was heavily promoted and built a loyal following of over 500,000 on Twitter and nearly 2,500 NFT holders.

The Invisible Friends mint price was 0.25 ETH beginning on February 23, 2022. All 5,000 Invisible Friends NFTs sold out that day, marking another successful mint at the height of the NFT bull market.

The Invisible Friends roadmap has several big updates planned for 2023:

  • Kith Invisible Friends, a collaboration with the Kith clothing brand
  • OG Toys—physical Invisible Friends figurines
  • The release of Invisible 3D Friends with the help of artist Nguyen Nhut
  • The launch of the new Garbage Friends NFTs for existing holders

What's the Random Character Collective?

Invisible Friends are a Random Character Collective (RCC) project, which is an incubator behind other popular Ethereum NFT projects such as Moodrollers and Slim Hoods.

What makes Invisible Friends unique?

The 5,000-piece collection consists of animated invisible characters featuring randomized traits.

These include various common and rare clothing elements, accessories, and backgrounds. The collection's distinctive style and whimsical design make it a staple for any NFT degen and digital collectibles investor.

While some features are more common, others are less abundant in the collection. This naturally makes certain NFTs scarcer, more expensive, and harder to obtain than others.

Artworks with more common features currently trade for just under 3 ETH. Those with 'uncommon' or 'rare' characteristics may trade anywhere between 5 and 50 ETH.

Are Invisible Friends a good investment?

Invisible Friends was (and remains) one of the most hyped projects in the NFT market, skyrocketing to an impressive floor price ranging from 9 to 10 ETH.

Although it’s difficult for a lot of projects to maintain attention and hype, this collection stood firmly at the 5 ETH range once it trended downwards from its all-time high.

After dipping very briefly under the 1 to 2 ETH price point, the collection is now comfortably sitting at just under 3 ETH.

Another factor an investor might want to consider is the project’s biggest holders and their stakes. The collection doesn’t have any big holders, as only one address holds approximately 2% of NFTs.

More than 85% of owners have only one item, which is a good sign that the project is stable, but it's not exactly whale-free. According to Dune analytics, the top 25 Invisible Friends holders control over 20% of the supply, but the biggest whale only holds 128 NFTs.

It’s also under the well-known and trusted banner of Random Character Collective, who are the creators of Slimhoods and Moodrollers NFT collections. NFT veterans may remember that Moodroller holders got access to the Invisible Friends whitelist. After the release of Invisible Friends, every other Random Character Collective project saw its price spike.

Since then, Invisible Friends has positioned itself as a blue-chip project that goes beyond the hype. It has performed well as an asset compared to other NFT projects on the same level of popularity, such as Hapebeast and Mekaverse. It's definitely one that fans and investors will continue to follow for years to come.

How to buy Invisible Friends NFTs

If you want to get yourself an invisible friend, you can purchase it through trusted marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible.

Rally is a platform that allows users to purchase fractional shares in NFTs and other collectibles like luxury watchesvintage video gamesfine wine, and more. They also have a secondary marketplace where you can buy and sell shares of your favorite collectibles, making it easy to cash out at any time.

Another platform used for trading NFTs and other collectibles is  Public. Public lets you trade almost anything, from stocks and ETFs, crypto and NFTs, and even vintage comic books. It's the best place to go from rookie to master investor thanks to detailed analysis, daily market updates, and a dynamic community of over one million investors.