Rich Dudes│How KC Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Basks in the Glory of His $40M Net Worth
Rich Dudes│How KC Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Basks in the Glory of His $40M Net Worth

Rich Dudes│How KC Superbowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Basks in the Glory of His $40M Net Worth

NFL superstar, endorsement millionaire, and venture capitalist Patrick Mahomes is a Jack of all trades. Here’s how he scored a $40 million net worth.

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Patrick Mahomes—the face of the Kansas City Chiefs and a powerhouse in the NFL—is a man who knows how to make the right plays on and off the field. This six-feet-two-inches tall Texas-born talent has ascended from his days at Whitehouse High School and Texas Tech University to where he stands today, boasting a $40 million net worth.

In 2020, Mahomes signed a ten-year, $477 million contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, marking him one of the league's highest-earning stars.

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted him in the 2017 NFL Draft, and he has since amassed jaw-dropping achievements such as two Super Bowl titles, MVP awards, and breaking records for passer rating and passing yards.

Despite this constellation of accolades, Mahomes also projects an endearing image of a family man, married to the lovely Brittany and father to two little explorers: Sterling Skye and Bronze.

Patrick Mahomes net worth at a glance

Net worth

$40 million


September 17, 1995


American born in Tyler, Texas, USA

Became a millionaire at



Professional American football player

Sources of wealth

NFL earnings and endorsements

Asset classes

Real estate, private equity, and stocks

How Patrick Mahomes made his money

Patrick Mahomes's leap into the limelight started on the fields and courts of Whitehouse High School, where his skills encompassed pitching and playing basketball, and of course, college football. His athletic versatility helped him sprint onto the stage at Texas Tech University, setting records and gaining the interest of NFL scouts.

Interestingly, Patrick's prowess in sports runs in the family as his father,  MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes, also had a prosperous career. The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Patrick Lavon Mahomes in 2017 after his successful career path. After he inked the deal, Mahomes became a force to reckon with as a starting quarterback.

From snagging an MVP award in his first season as a starter to winning a Super Bowl the next year, Mahomes has led his team to multiple AFC Championship Game appearances, solidifying his status as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. The Madden NFL video game series fans can attest to his skills, as he’s also been a dominant force on virtual gridirons.

Early career

Mahomes’s talent was undeniable during his time at Texas Tech, where he set NCAA records, including an astonishing 734 yards passing and 819 yards total offense in the same game against Oklahoma. This performance led the Kansas City Chiefs to draft Mahomes in 2017. 

Following the trade of Alex Smith to the Redskins in 2018, Mahomes stepped up as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback and quickly made his mark, earning the AFC Offensive Player of the Week award after his first game as a starter.

In his second season, Mahomes continued to shine, leading the Kansa City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl appearance in 50 years and earning the league MVP award in the National Football League.

Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in 50 years.

Record-breaking performances

Throughout his career, Mahomes has smashed numerous records, including the most touchdown passes thrown through the first three career games, being the youngest quarterback to throw for six touchdowns in a game, and becoming the only quarterback in history to throw for 5,000 yards in a season in both college and the pros.

Moreover, Mahomes was the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl and the NFL MVP award in the same season. His incredible achievements placed him in the same league as legendary quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

Awards and honors

Mahomes's stellar field performance has bagged him several notable awards, including the 2018 MVP, NFL Offensive Player of the Year, 2020 Super Bowl MVP, and five-time Pro Bowl. This bouquet of honors truly underlines his exceptional talent and commitment to the game.

Mahomes’s leadership and skill have been crucial to the Chiefs’ success, as he’s led them to multiple AFC Championship games and Super Bowl victories. His impact on the team and the sport has cemented his legacy as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Super Bowl achievements

Mahomes’s impressive career includes two Super Bowl victories: Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LVII. His exceptional performances in these games earned him the prestigious Super Bowl MVP award

The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victories prove Mahomes’s leadership, skill, and determination on the field. As the team’s quarterback, he has consistently displayed an ability to rally his teammates and lead them to victory, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

In Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in a thrilling matchup. The Chiefs secured a 31-20 victory over their opponents. This win marked the beginning of an incredible era for the Chiefs and Mahomes, who was crowned Super Bowl MVP for the second time.

Mahomes’s performance in Super Bowl LIV was nothing short of extraordinary. He showcased his ability to make clutch plays under pressure, leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. This triumph further solidified Mahomes’s reputation as one of the NFL’s elite players and significantly contributed to his growing net worth.

Patrick Mahomes's career earnings

Patrick Mahomes's salary, endorsements, and other income sources form the bulk of his estimated net worth. As one of the highest-paid players in the NFL, Mahomes’s wealth reflects his exceptional talent on the field.

In addition to Patrick Mahones’s salary and contract, Mahomes’s net worth is significantly impacted by his endorsement deals, real estate investments, and partnerships with various brands.

Mahomes's hefty NFL earnings are a key driver of his soaring net worth. In 2020, Mahomes signed a ten-year, $477 million contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, marking him one of the league's highest-earning stars. 

Mahomes’s contract also includes incentives. With a total contract value of $503 million, including $26 million in potential bonuses, Mahomes is set to remain among the highest earners in the NFL for years to come.


Mahomes's repertoire extends beyond the playing field, as he rakes in millions from endorsement deals and partnerships with heavy hitters like Oakley, Adidas, and State Farm. It's estimated that these off-field endeavors fetch him an annual harvest of around $7 million.

As his career soars, his endorsement deals and partnerships will likely continue to grow, adding even more wealth to his already impressive portfolio.

How Patrick Mahomes invests his money

Mahomes expands his wealth and ensures long-term financial stability through high-yield investments and entrepreneurial endeavors. His play extends off the field and into various sectors, from sports-related ventures to tech firms.


Mahomes has made some striking plays in the stock market, too. He’s part-owner of the Kansas City Royals and the second-largest shareholder of the century-old American State Bank. 

Part-ownership of the Royals showcases his interest in sports-related ventures. This investment ties him closer to the city he represents on the field and has the potential to boost his net worth in the future significantly.

Mahomes’s investment in the Royals is a smart move, as it allows him to diversify his portfolio and capitalize on the potential of the team’s success. Additionally, it gives him a chance to be more involved in the city.

Private equity

Patrick Mahomes jumped into the investor's arena, backing wearable tech company Whoop during its latest fundraising round. Amid a global pandemic, he joined other big-league names from the sports world to bet on this fitness tracker. Consequently, Whoop raked in an impressive $100 million, skyrocketing its valuation to $1.2 billion in October 2020.

He believes innovation through these companies can help improve the lives of many while also giving him a strong return on his investments. By investing in tech, Mahomes is supporting innovation in the sports industry and positioning himself to profit from the growing market for fitness tech.

Mahomes has also invested in Buzzer, a live sports mobile platform, and Hyperice, a recovery and performance tech company. These investments further diversify his portfolio and potentially significantly contribute to Mahomes’s net worth.

Real estate

Patrick Mahomes is well-positioned for success off the field, too, with real estate investments. He still owns his two-bedroom apartment in Kansas City he purchased in 2017, a customized three-bedroom home, and a luxe four-bedroom home in Westlake, TX. Recently, he listed one of his homes in Kansas City for $2.9 million.

He's also invested in an undeveloped plot of land in the gated Loch Lloyd neighborhood. With his real estate wealth, Mahomes ensures his future is secure no matter what role he plays in the game.

Patrick Mahomes Kansa City home purchased for $2 million in 2018 is currently listed for $2.9 million.

From his humble beginnings as a high school athlete to his meteoric rise as an NFL superstar, Patrick Mahomes’s journey is truly awe-inspiring. With impressive career milestones, record-breaking performances, and numerous awards, it’s no wonder his net worth is estimated at $40 million.

As Mahomes gets even better at his game, and with money put into different businesses, there's no doubt he'll keep making more money. And let's not forget how much fans and collectors love Mahomes rookie cards, showing how his fame continues to grow in sport and money matters.

Patrick Mahomes investing quotes

1. Learn from mistakes

2. Remain positive 

3. Learn from others