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Newday Impact Investing is a digital investment platform that empowers people to invest in causes they care about. Free for students.

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On Newday you are able to Choose a collection of Newday Impact Portfolios that match your values. Newday offers a suite of options in order to meaningfully reflect your values in your investment portfolio. This includes companies that are leaders in environmental, social, and leadership policies. Newday is an SEC registered investment advisor that will always act with your best interests in mind. If an investment doesn't offer competitive market and social returns, it simply doesn't belong in your portfolio.

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Top Perks

  • Only $100 to start investing in future change

  • Make an impact while saving and investing

  • Pioneers in eco, social, and leadership policies

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12+ Assets

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4yr+ Returns

How you make money

Stock price appreciation + dividends. For reference: according to historical records, the average annual return from the S&P Index since its inception in 1926 through 2018 is approximately 10%–11%. The average annual return since adopting 500 stocks into the index in 1957 through 2018 is roughly 8%. Adjusted for inflation, the historical average annual return is around 7%. However, it's important to note that each Robo has their own investment strategy that can influence returns.

How Newday makes money

Newday charges 0.75% of assets under management (AUM) annually. That means if you invest a total of $100 we only charge you 75 cents. That's not even one cup of coffee! Newday also donates 5% of revenue from our asset management fees to our NGO partners

Is it safe?

Investing entails risk including the possible loss of principal and there is no assurance that the investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. All Newday investment accounts are SIPC insured via our brokerage partners. SIPC is investor insurance. SIPC insures customers of brokerage firms for up to $500,000 in net equity in each account. That includes up to $250,000 in cash balances.

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How You’re Taxed

Capital Gains

Capital Gains

As with any stock realized stock gains, investors are subject to capital gains tax. If gains are realized within one year, you are taxed at your income tax rate. If gains are realized after one year, you are subject to a long-term capital gains tax of 0% to 20%. A common service that some robo-advisors offer through their systems is automatic tax-loss harvesting. Tax-loss harvesting is a deliberate strategy whereby any loss from the sale of a security in a taxable account is used to offset a capital gain or taxable income, thereby reducing the tax paid.


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Was great but windows are hard to close, Closing the window/slides r extremely difficult for some reason on the iphone 11


Marjory Joy Pacala

Some tips



The concept of Impact investing has always interested me. I’ve never known how to start going about it. I invest in individual stocks but I’ve never been able to do the homework to learn about the companies I invest it. With Newday they do the homework, and offer you portfolios that are really aligned with what I hoped to achieve in investing. Hope they plan on having more portfolios in the near future. Really enjoying it so far.