Rich Dudes│How Skater Rob Dyrdek Built His $100M Net Worth
Rich Dudes│How Skater Rob Dyrdek Built His $100M Net Worth

Rich Dudes│How Skater Rob Dyrdek Built His $100M Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek's net worth is over $100 million from an outstanding skateboarding career, brand deals, reality TV, and startups.



Real Estate

Real Estate



  • Robert Dyrdek started as a professional skateboarder but has made much more money being a reality TV star and a serial entrepreneur.
  • He rose to fame through his reality TV show Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and his role as host and executive producer of the MTV series Ridiculousness.
  • Rob’s venture studio company, Dyrdek Machine, has created 18 brands since 2016—six of which have exited for more than $500 million.

Robert Stanley Dyrdek is a U.S. reality TV star, pro skateboarder, actor, and serial entrepreneur. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob & BigRob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness. As of 2023, Dyrdek's net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

Robert Dyrdek started his professional skateboarding career in his teens but has made most of his money as a reality TV star and investor in startups.

The skater-turned-entertainer-turned-entrepreneur has three residences in Mulholland Estates, a gated neighborhood perched high in the Hollywood Hills with views of Beverly Hills.

In 2016, Rob founded Dyrdek Machine, a venture financing firm and incubator for entrepreneurs with viable businesses. Additionally, Dyrdek Machine serves as a holding company for all of his enterprises and assets.

The company invests in real estate, consumer products, and tech enterprises and has created 18 brands since 2016—six of which he exited for more than $500 million.

In this article, we will look at Robert Dyrdek’s net worth, businesses, investments, and real estate. Here’s what makes up his $100M portfolio.

Robert Dyrdek net worth at a glance

Net worth



June 28th, 1974


Reality TV star & serial entrepreneur

Became a millionaire at




Sources of wealth

Skateboarding, TV shows, investing

Asset classes

Real Estate, startups, collectibles, art

How Rob Dyrdek made his money

Rob started skating at 11 years old, just in time for the 1990s when skating gained a surge in popularity.  Despite the sport being in its infancy at the time, Rob's mother, Patty Dyrdek, encouraged him to pursue his passion for skateboarding by taking him to skateparks around Dayton, Ohio.

At the age of 12, Rob received his first sponsorship and officially became a pro skater. He founded the skateboard company Alien Workshop with the help of Neil Blender when he was 16. Rob dropped out of high school and relocated to Southern California to pursue his aspirations.

Rob Dyrdek created Street League Skateboarding, a sport where 25 professional street skaters compete for cash awards. The prize pool is $1.6 million, making it the most lucrative skating tournament in history. The League and The Boys Club of America collaborated to construct new skateparks around California.

Source: Zimbio

Rob secured his first major sponsorship deal in California with DC Shoes. He had already played a major role in their marketing as an influencer from 1995 to 2016. Rob's presence had a significant impact on the company's direction and success as a skateboarding brand. The deal was also an early contributor to Rob Dyrdek's net worth.

Around this time, Dyrdek negotiated a royalty deal with DC shoes for using his designs. Rob is credited for introducing DC apparel to the skating industry—the company asserted that Dyrdek was responsible for its success. Along the way, Rob contributed to the The Street Plaza design of the DC headquarters.

While Dyrdek's legacy lives on through Street League Skateboarding, his work with DC Shoes was much more lucrative. While it's unclear exactly how much he made from his 20-year-long partnership with the brand, Dyrdek revealed in an interview with Complex that he started out making $50,000 per year with DC which eventually grew to $300,000.

MTV Reality Show

Dyrdek is most recognized for the MTV series he developed, and also the network's most popular personality ever.

He made his debut on MTV in the TV program Rob and Big. Rob was able to showcase his professional skating skills on the show while tying it to his budding reputation as a content producer.

Dyrdek’s show focused on his day-to-day activities and was one of MTV's first reality TV programs. Together with his pal and bodyguard, Christopher Boykins, Dyrdek would execute numerous daredevil tricks and amusing antics on the show.

Rob Dyrdek and Christopher Boykin in MTV studio for the 'Rob & Big' show
Source: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Despite the program's short run, Dyrdek used the attention to advertise DC Shoes, which pleased his sponsor. The three years Dyrdek spent on the show yielded a $300 million revenue increase for DC. Dyrdek received $60,000 for each program he appeared in.

MTV gave Rob another show with Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory after Rob and Big ended. The show's premise was that Rob created his ideal "skate factory" in a warehouse at an undisclosed location. It first aired in 2009 and became a hit among skaters, his target demographic.

The warehouse contained a foam pit for practicing jumps and tricks off ramps, a basketball court, and an indoor skatepark. Rob became well-known in board sports and extreme sports both in the U.S. and abroad during the seven seasons of the show. Dyrdek received $100,000 for each episode he produced.


Dyrdek continued to work with MTV on the reaction show Ridiculousness, which became his most popular television series. Beginning in 2014, Dyrdek hosted the show with his longtime friends Sterling "Steelo" Brim and Chanel West Coast.

According to multiple reports, Robert earned $150,000 per episode of Ridiculousness.

Rob Dyrdek investment portfolio

Rob Dyrdek net worth is a combination of real estate, startups, collectibles, and art.


Rob Dyrdek started his first company at 18. Before launching the Dyrdek Machine incubator, he had co-founded 11 other companies. In 2013, Dyrdek founded Superjacket Productions, his film production firm. Superjacket produced work for Fantasy FactoryRidiculousness, and Nitro Circus. Dyrdek plays a significant role in Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus, frequently appearing in the group's American performances.

As a businessman, Dyrdek typically works with brands that provide a clear exit strategy or a 50/50 relationship. He gains from his stock holdings as well because several of his firms pay dividends to him. Rob acquired endorsement contracts along the way with well-known companies, including Monster Energy and EA Skate.

Superjacket Productions is run by Dyrdek, who holds the bulk of the company's shares and is the CEO. Additionally, he co-founded Stance Socks in 2015, a company specializing in personalized socks adorned with images of rappers and bands.

Dyrdek is an active board member and owns 20% of Stance Socks. In addition to working with musicians and record companies to obtain the rights to use bands' copyrighted pictures for sock printing, Stance has a number of agreements with prestigious sports organizations, including the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

In 2019, Rob purchased the company DNA Distribution, which attracted media attention. This skateboard manufacturer is solely owned by him. In December 2018, the skater also invested in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Along with other famous investors like Sly Stallone, Ben Affleck, and Mark Wahlberg, Rob owns a part of the largest MMA commission in the world. However, the exact size or value of his stake in the $4 billion corporation is unknown.

Dyrdek increased his allocation of beverage companies in 2019 after making an investment in Beatbox Beverages. The business specializes in the sale of alcoholic seltzers. On his Instagram page, he frequently advertises the company and endorses its products to his followers.

Dyrdek Machine

In 2016, Rob founded Dyrdek Machine, a venture financing firm that serves as an incubator for entrepreneurs with viable business plans to acquire investment. The firm serves as a holding company for all of Dyrdek's enterprises and business assets.

The firm operates more like a VC and has invested in startups like Mindright, Outstanding Foods, and Momentous—many of them focus on consumer goods.

Every time Dyrdek Machine sells a company in its portfolio, they release a “liquidity vintage” wine. The incubator claims to have generated $550 million over six exits.

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Dyrdek aims to own 20% to 75% of the companies when he exits from them. Therefore we can assume that the machine earned about 50% of the exit value and is valued at $275 million. There are also at least four team members. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that Dyrdek owns about 25% of the VC fund. This would value his stake at about $68.75 million.

In addition to his involvement in other businesses, Rob owns shares of Ultra Cast, Black Feather Whiskey, and Beach Whiskey. According to Rob, he likes being an entrepreneur as much as he loves skating and having a good time with his buddies.



Real estate

Rob owns a sizable real estate portfolio valued in the tens of millions. The skater-turned-entertainer-turned-entrepreneur has three residences in Mulholland Estates, a gated neighborhood perched high in the Hollywood Hills with views of Beverly Hills.

These three properties cost the businessman at least $25 million. The homes are spectacular, and Rob spent millions modifying them to his taste. He has a lengthy history of buying homes in California, but his present real estate portfolio is nothing short of impressive.

Rob invested over $2.5 million in a house in the Mount Olympus area in 2008. The home, which has Laurel Canyon vistas from its hilltop location, sold in November 2012 for $2.125 million. Regrettably, Drydek lost $334,000 when he sold the house.


In the Laurel Hills district of Los Angeles, between Coldwater Canyon and Laurel Canyon, Dyrdek sold his four-bedroom, three-bath, 3,733-square-foot home for $3.5 million in 2019. Dyrdek didn't have to lose money on this one because he made a relatively small profit on it.

In 2015, Dyrdek made his largest real estate purchase. The house, located in the upscale gated neighborhood of Mulholland Estates, was purchased by Dyrdek for close to $10 million. It is the biggest building in the neighborhood and is on a 3.1-acre lot.

Dyrdek submitted construction plans to the city to develop the site into his ideal mega-mansion, but today it remains an empty lot.

In 2018, Dyrdek and his wife bought a $6 million house in the same neighborhood. He hopes to stay there while his second mansion is under construction. His current house is 7,000 square feet and has four bedrooms.

Rob paid $8.5 million for a 7,500-square-foot home in Mulholland Estates when he purchased his third house there in December 2019.



Real Estate


Part of Robert Dyrdek net worth includes collectibles, like his 1969 Camaro. In good condition, these carsusually sell for about $80,000, with a low price of at least $50,000. It's reasonable to consider classic cars like a vintage Camaros as high-demand investment assets.

His other five cars are unlikely to appreciate in value, but the fact that they were owned by Rob Dyrdek might change that. That's too hard to quantify, though, so for simplicity’s sake, we didn't include them in Dydek's asset allocation.


Robert loves Jonas Wood and reportedly owns much of his artwork. Jonas Wood's work is featured in the Gagosian art gallery in New York. Dyrdek stated in an instagram post that “I have been going hammer trying to buy as much of his art as I can.” It's reasonable to assume that Dyrdek is in possession of at least five Wood paintings.

Jonas Wood’s latest paintings sold for more than $1 million and have an average sale price of $792,000. To estimate the value of Dyrdeks Art holdings, we multiply the average sale price by the estimated number of paintings he owns. That means Dyrdek's art holdings are estimated to be worth about $4 million.

Rob Dyrdek portfolio returns

According to our estimates, Rob Dyrdek net worth portfolio has performed better in the short term and long term with much of that growth coming from his real estate and collectibles. 

Rob Dyrdek investment strategy

Rob has been successful in both the entertainment and business worlds. This is particularly because he abides by a set of investing principles. You may not be a superstar making over $100,000 on a reality TV show, but you can still learn from Rob on how to negotiate deals and invest your money.

Dyrdek's investing philosophy is probably something along the line of having a good plan and established metrics for success are the most important parts of investing well. If you have a solid framework and you know what success looks like, then achieving your goal is all that much easier.

1.  Set success metrics before you even start investing.  

Create an investing framework that alleviates the pressure of having to always grind to build wealth. If you constantly feel like your spending and income are out of sync, then lay out a roadmap and make a plan to get you out of the constant grind mindset.

2. Invest in companies that are doing more than just making money.

Invest in businesses that are doing something more than creating revenue. We have to put our dollars and our demand toward things that will have a tangible impact on our communities. Street League Skateboarding is a great example of Dyrdek investing in his passions.

3.  Create an investing framework

Set success metrics before you ever start investing.  You have to know what success looks like so you can decide on the goals to get there and the correct course of action.