Rich Dudes│Steve Harvey Net Worth, From Family Feud to Patek Philippe
Rich Dudes│Steve Harvey Net Worth, From Family Feud to Patek Philippe

Rich Dudes│Steve Harvey Net Worth, From Family Feud to Patek Philippe

Steve Harvey is not only a wealthy comedian and game show host, but he's also an avid investor. Nearly half of his investment portfolio is in startups.

Balanced Investing

Balanced Investing

Long Term Growth

Long Term Growth

Passive Income

Passive Income

  • Steve Harvey's net worth is an estimated $200 million, making him one of the wealthiest comedians in the world. 
  • Steve Harvey has a diversified investment portfolio and owns the entertainment company Steven Harvey Global which holds all of his business ventures.
  • Through his investment company, Harvey Ventures, he’s invested in several startups and stocks, including Coinbase, Stripe, SpaceX, and Acorns.

Steve Harvey is one of the richest comedians in the world. With an estimated net worth of $200 million, he’s won several Emmys for his work as a game show host and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

But Steve Harvey didn’t mean to make his living doing stand up comedy. Before he found his niche, Steve Harvey's career was all over the place, working as a salesman, boxer, and even a postman. After getting his break in 1990, he rose to fame with his observational humor.

For Steve Harvey, the best time to invest was yesterday. The second best time to invest is today.

One thing he didn’t find funny, though? Being poor. While Steve Harvey might be known for cracking up on stage, he takes his investments seriously and is diversified into numerous assets.

Here is how Steve Harvey went from living in his car to becoming a multi-millionaire and how he invests his money today.

Steve Harvey net worth at a glance:

Net worth

$200 milion


Jauary 17, 1957

Became a millionaire in



Stand-Up Comedian, Radio Show Host, and Game Show Host

Sources of wealth

Steven Harvey Global, startups, and investments

Asset classes

Real estate, startups, stocks, watches, crypto, NFTs

How did Steve Harvey make his money

Steve Harvey was born as Broderick Stephen Harvey on January 17, 1957, the youngest of five kids in Welch, West Virginia. His early life was not easy for his family. His dad was a coal miner, but they later moved to a farm outside Cleveland, Ohio when coal mining jobs became scarce. Steve Harvey went to Kent State University and West Virginia University but never graduated and instead held several odd jobs like postman, insurance salesman, and even a boxer.

At the age of 27, Steve Harvey began doing stand up comedy. After winning an amateur night contest at the Hilarities Comedy Club in Cleveland, he decided to pursue a comedy career. He started by performing for his friends for $5 per joke. He became well-known at clubs in cities around the U.S. In 1993, Steve Harvey was given the chance to perform on national TV on Showtime At The Apollo, but nearly didn’t make it because he couldn’t afford the airfare.

Family Feud host Steve Harvey's net worth is an estimated $200 million.  
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Thankfully, he was able to book a gig to cover the cost of the flight and his comedy career took off. Harvey landed a hit on the TV series The Steve Harvey Show and later became a game show host of Family Feud and its spinoff, Celebrity Family Feud. He also has a radio program called The Steve Harvey Morning Show that has been running for over 20 years.

He continued to do standup comedy, appearing on the Kings of Comedy tour in 1997, which became the highest-grossing comedy tour in history at $19 million in 1998. Additionally, Harvey hosted the 2015 to 2018 Miss Universe Pageant, where he famously named runner-up Miss Columbia the winner by mistake. Between his TV shows and radio show, Steve Harvey made nearly $45 million annually.

Steve Harvey has not only managed to amass a more-than-small fortune over the years, but he has also invested in a few business ventures through his investment company, Harvey Ventures, and his entertainment company, Steven Harvey Global. Some of his first investments were in real estate—he’s owned property in Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta and pays $110,000 a month on rent for his place in Los Angeles.

Steve Harvey investment portfolio

So how does Steve Harvey invest his money? Because Steve Harvey doesn’t reveal his entire investment portfolio and strategies, we don’t know exactly what he invests in. But based on information publicly available, we think that the majority of Steve Harvey’s investment portfolio is in startups and cash—around 51% and 27%, respectively.

The rest of his investments seem to be in stocks, real estate, and alternative assets. We estimate that Steve Harvey only has 8% of his portfolio in stocks, while 11% is in real estate. The rest of his portfolio is divided between luxury watches, crypto, and NFTs. Steve Harvey hasn’t discussed the exact amount he invests in each asset, but we do know he doesn’t invest heavily in any particular asset.

Steve Harvey's real estate investments 

One of Steve Harvey’s first investments was in real estate. He’s owned a number of properties throughout the years. He purchased a 5,500 square-foot Chicago penthouse in 2013 and sold it for $7.7 million in 2018. He also had a home in Little Elm, Texas, which was sold for an undisclosed amount in 2020 after being on and off the market for a number of years.

In 2020, Steve Harvey bought the former home of media mogul Tyler Perry in Atlanta for a mere $15 million. Real estate prices have gone up about 40% since 2020, so it’s worth an estimated $21 million today. 

Fans of the drama series Dynasty might recognize the sprawling 17 acres, as this house was the backdrop of the external shots of Carrington Manor. The 34,688 square feet property features an infinity pool, multiple guest areas, a gym, a spa, seven bedrooms, a tennis court, and has off-grid capability using its own backup power generator.

Steve Harvey paid $15 million for this 35,000-square-foot mansion in Atlanta. 
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Real Estate

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Real Estate

Steve Harvey's startup investments

Startups make up the bulk of Steve Harvey’s investment portfolio. He invests in many startup companies through Steve Harvey Global, which consolidates all his business interests. Some of the key companies he’s invested in include:

  • Stripe—The payment platform is valued at about $74 billion. Since there is not a lot of information on how much Steve Harvey has invested in the company, it’s likely on the lower end. Assuming he has a minority stake of 0.01%, then his stake would still be $7.4 million
  • SpaceX—We think Steven Harvey has invested at least $2 million into the rocket and space company based on his net worth.
  • Acorns—The fractional investing company is worth an estimated $1.9 billion, and we think Steve Harvey invested in the company sometime in 2020. As there was a late series E investment of $1.5 million or 1.78%, we think this was likely Steve Harvey given his current net worth. This means his stake is valued at roughly $33.8 million.


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Besides startups, Steve Harvey also launched an entertainment company in 2017 called Steven Harvey Global, as well as its production company, East 112. The company was behind the talent show Little Big Shots and the film Think Like a Man, which made $113 million. It also owns the international versions of Family Feud.

Steve Harvey invests nearly half of his portfolio in startups. 
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Based off those earnings and the fact that 'Family Feud' is so popular, we assume that the production company is probably worth around $50 million. With Steve Harvey likely owning at least 75% of the company, that means he has a stake of over $37.5 million.

Steve Harvey's stock investments

Steve Harvey also invests in stocks through Harvey Ventures. He’s invested in several publicly traded companies and has a mixed portfolio of tech stocks, energy stocks, finance, and blockchain companies.


Some other popular companies Steve Harvey has invested in include:

  • DiDi Global Inc
  • Wish

While we know he’s invested in these companies, we don’t know exactly how much has invested in each. But given what we know about his investing style and net worth, we think it’s around $500,000 to $3 million in each.

Steve Harvey's watch investments

Besides stocks and startups, Steve Harvey is also a big watch collector, just like Kevin O’Leary and Chamath Palihatiya. Based on the watches that he’s been spotted wearing, his collection is worth an estimated $283,000. Some of the luxury watches he owns are the Rolex Daytona and Rolex Day Date.

Family Feud game host Steve Harvey owns an estimated $283,000 worth of watches.  
Image source: @iamsteveharveytv on instagram

While watches might be a statement piece when you have a highly successful comedy career, they can also be a valuable investment piece. Not sure you want to pay a few grand for a watch? You can buy fractional shares of investment-grade watches on investing platforms like Rally.



Sports Cards

Steve Harvey's crypto and NFT investments

Steve Harvey doesn’t invest in a lot of crypto or NFTs. In total, we estimate that he invests about 2% of his total portfolio in crypto and NFTs. He’s mentioned that he does own Bitcoin and Ethereum, though he is not a heavy investor in the space.

Besides crypto, Steve Harvey also invests in NFTs and even dropped an NFT for his charity, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation. Most of his NFT investments seem to be about ownership of his content. We know he owns an NFT from the Solana Monkey Business collection. At the moment Monkey Business NFTs are going from about $16,000 to $25,000, and because Harvey featured it as his Twitter profile, it's likely worth on the higher end of that range.

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Steve Harvey investment strategy

For Steve Harvey, the best time to invest is yesterday—the second best time to invest is today. Steve Harvey is a big fan of investing often. As both an investor and philanthropist, he believes in putting his money where there is a need. And most importantly, he continues to invest even when his investments fail, so his money can continue working for him.

Comedian Steve Harvey made his fortune as a TV star and game show host. 
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In his personal life, Steve Harvey also believes in putting his money towards things that matter. He and his third wife, Marjorie Bridges, founded The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation which focuses on youth outreach, education, and mentoring. 

Here are the three principles that have driven Steve Harvey’s success.

1. Invest, invest, invest

Harvey is a big fan of investing as soon and as often as you can. He follows the dollar cost averaging principle—the more often you invest, then the more likely you are to minimize losses by buying at various price points, so it averages out over the long term.

2. Seek out the best

When Steve Harvey looks to invest, he makes sure it fits one of three criteria: to be either the first, the best, or the only company or asset that meet's a need.

3. Sometimes you might fail

Harvey has seen a few recessions in his lifetime and knows that not all investments will make a fortune overnight. The market has seasons of ups and downs and not everything pans out as planned. For Steve Harvey, that means buying and holding long enough for things to turn around.

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