Popfolios│Best Eddie Munson Funko Pops to Collect
Popfolios│Best Eddie Munson Funko Pops to Collect

Popfolios│Best Eddie Munson Funko Pops to Collect

Invest or collect the hottest new line of Funkos from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things with the Eddie Munson Funko Pop, the standout new fan-favorite character of the series.







Long Term Growth

Long Term Growth

Stranger Things season four introduced fans to Eddie Munson, the awesome rock guitar player with the electrifying showdown scene that instantly stole fans’ hearts. And now you can commemorate that iconic upside-down moment featuring the evil demobats with the Eddie Munson Funko Pop.

Played by Joseph Quinn, Eddie Munson appears in nine Stranger Things episodes. He’s the leader of Hawkins’ D&D group, The Hellfire Club, and is the lead guitarist of the band Corroded Coffin.

Eddie gets involved in the supernatural secrets of Hawkins with the murder of his friend, and he joins the show’s main characters to try to get revenge. This culminated in an epic scene playing Metallica’s Master of Puppets that cemented him as one of the show’s heroes.

Best Eddie Munson Funko Pop

The Eddie Munson Funko Pop has quickly become a must-have for any Stranger Things collection. This highly collectible figurine commemorates a fan-favorite moment from season four, and as with the rest of the Stranger Things Funko Pop collection, it has the potential to become a valuable addition to any collector's portfolio.

Whether you're a fan or an avid collector of alternative investment assets, the Eddie Munson Funko Pop may offer financial returns on top of its sentimental value.

 #1250 Target Exclusive Eddie Funko Pop 

  • Average Price: 19.99
  • Highest Sale Price: 250
  • Size: Standard (3.75") 
  • Variant: Glow Chase
  • Supply: Exclusive
  • Rarity: Rare

The #1250 Eddie Special Edition Funko Pop was released as a Target exclusive in 2022 alongside ‘Stranger Things’ fourth season.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

The Eddie Munson deluxe pop figure dominated the Stranger Things fandom and Funko collecting circles upon release. Fans rushed to Target for their exclusive Vinyl figure, no matter the price.

The figure comes with Eddie’s iconic guitar, so you can feel the soul of Master of Puppets on your shelf, just don’t go fighting demons while doing it. As expected, the figure quickly sold out upon release and then went on eBay for mind-boggling prices such as over $220—around $200 above the original price tag.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson playing guitar during the Upside Down evil demobats scene.
Source: Stranger Things/Netflix

This figure is perfect for hardcore Stranger Things fans looking to get their collecting fix, and the massive price spike indicates that it might be a good time to invest in coveted figurines depicting Eddie Munson and the rest of the Hawkins crew.

You can expect prices of figures like this to jump around the next season—just like they did the last season and every season before that.

Graph showcasing price progression of the #1250 Eddie figure from May 2022 to May 2023.
Source: funkypriceguide.com

Should I invest in Stranger Things Funko Pops?

Funko Pops have always been about the latest trend in pop culture, and the most expensive Funko Pops ever sold definitely reflects this, such as the Willie Wonka Golden Ticket set, which has an estimated price tag of $100,000.

Willie Wonka Golden Ticket Funko Pop set.
Source: poppriceguide.com

This shows that properties like Stranger Things are a goldmine for collectors and investors, and the numbers don’t lie. The Stranger Things Funko Pop line includes 136 figures with a total estimated value of $8,893.

The distinction of most expensive figure in the set goes to the Hopper gold SDCC exclusive figure with an estimated price of $5,100. Compared to other popular Funko lines, there are 186 figures in the Harry Potter line and 143 figures in the Game of Thrones Funko line.

As for the show itself, it’s taking the world by storm with its popularity, which reflects in merchandise, including Funkos. With over one billion hours of Stranger Things watched on Netflix, the show is still the streaming service’s #1 viewed show of all time and constantly in the Global Top 10 on the homepage.

As a franchise, the show is worth around $1 billion, including merchandising. The movie and TV merchandise market is massive, with an estimated worth of over $70 billion. This is why iconic brands like Star Wars constantly put out new figures, collectibles, and toys.

Now, while Stranger Things isn’t on the Star Wars level, Netflix seems to think it’s a $20 billion franchise, with an animated spin-off already on the way. New show means new merchandise means even newer Funko pop collections.

Is investing in Funko Pops a good idea?

Humans have been collecting items for thousands of years, making them more valuable than they initially were. That includes coins, stamps, books, comics, and more. For the pop culture geek world, these collections are usually in the form of collectibles or toys, and Funkos are the biggest collectible items in the world currently.

When the first Funko pop line launched in 2010, the target demographic was geeks. There is a reason the company is worth over $500 million, making it one of the top 600 most profitable companies.

Why is that, though? Is it the giant heads? Yes and no. The design of the Funko Pop definitely helps, but there is one thing toy collectors have protected for years: Keeping the toy inside the box.

Figures and collectibles are judged on whether or not they were opened, and there are some people with hundreds of figures from iconic intellectual properties like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars sitting on the shelf, unopened, and waiting for the golden moment to sell at ten times the original price.

Because of this, Funko Pops are now more of an investment than anything, and throwing blame is hard when figures’ prices go up to $100,000. On the other hand, one of the major reasons Funko Pops are a good investment is that they’re cheap.

You can buy a Funko Pop for less than $5, wait for it, and suddenly sell it for $50,000. So, it’s affordable and highly available, and with Funko having over 1,100 licenses to produce figures, new ones are constantly in supply as old ones get phased out or “vaulted.”

Why are some Funko Pops so expensive?

The value of Funko Pops follows the same logic as antiques and precious items: rarity is everything—the rarer an item like a Funko Pop is, the higher its value is among collectors who may covet it. After all, investing is a business.

So, capitalizing on rare or exclusive Funko Pops is paramount. You never know how much a $5 Funko can be worth in a few years, such as a Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister figure selling on eBay for over $50,000.

So if you’re setting out on your Funko investing journey, set a price prediction, find rare Funko figures, buy low, and aim high to get the most out of your collectible assets.