Rich Dudes│How Jo Koy Cracked Ribs to the Tune of His $5M Net Worth
Rich Dudes│How Jo Koy Cracked Ribs to the Tune of His $5M Net Worth

Rich Dudes│How Jo Koy Cracked Ribs to the Tune of His $5M Net Worth

Uncover how Jo Koy turned laughter into a fortune, amassing an estimated $5 million net worth through his standup comedy, Netflix specials, and smart investments.



Real Estate

Real Estate



The chuckling trail from the world to our bank accounts is often a winding and hard-fought one. But for some, like Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy, laughter literally equates to sizeable bank deposits.

Estimated to be worth a rollicking $5 million, Koy has managed to couple his unique brand of humor with shrewd business sense and investments.

On the other side of his garage, lined with wall-to-wall testosterone, stands a powerful embodiment of British engineering—the $3.3 million McLaren P1. Reveling in its hybrid prowess, this beast is a reflection of Koy's extravagant taste.

Born Joseph Glenn Herbert on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington, Koy's comedic journey has its roots in impromptu performances at Las Vegas comedy clubs, and makes its way to sold-out global comedy tours. Koy has become a household name thanks to his relentless dedication, wit, and innovative approach to comedy, earning him the adoration of fans and the dollars to boot.

Jo Koy net worth at a glance

Net worth

$5 million


June 2, 1971


Filipino-American born in Tacoma, Washington

Became a millionaire at



Stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster

Sources of wealth

Stand-up comedy tours, Netflix specials, TV appearances, podcasting, merchandise, and restaurants

Asset classes

Startups, real estate, luxury cars, and merch

Jo Koy is recognized for his comical prowess, but his prowess as a father is also notable. He and his ex-wife, Angie King, welcomed their son, Joseph Herbert Jr., in 2003. The couple might have parted ways romantically, but they set their differences aside to focus on the upbringing of their son. 

Jo has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that their divorce didn't create any complications in their co-parenting setup. They have beautifully managed to maintain an amicable relationship and continued to be close friends over the years.

Close-knit father-son duos aren't a new concept, but Jo's bond with his son is special. He frequently shares the depth of their bond in his stand-up routines, interviews, and social media.

Apart from his personal life, Jo's professional life has been equally rewarding. The comedian's talent got due recognition at the Montreal comedy festival "Just for Laughs." This platform of global comedians was where Jo received the prestigious Canadian Gemini Award, a validation of his hard work and a token of his comedic brilliance.

How Jo Koy made his money

Jo Koy found his love for comedy early on, kickstarting his career with performances at school talent shows and local clubs. Journeying down the comedy boulevard wasn’t exactly a rose-strewn pathway for Jo Koy.

Beginning his stand-up career in the neon-lit desert metropolis of Las Vegas in 1994, he had to pull himself up by the bootstraps, trading in comfort for a shot at fame sprinkled with hearty laughs.

The humble comedy clubs served as Koy’s first-ever gigs. Armed with a microphone and a contagious sense of humor, he established a reputation for his winning jokes that would make folks double up in laughter. Yet, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was where Jo Koy’s career took off.

Winning prominent spots on the acclaimed Catch a Rising Star show was the catapult into a future he had always dreamed about, a future laden with laughter and a silver lining.

Jo Koy gained fame through his stand-up comedy on "The Tonight Show" and “Comedy Central Presents.”
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Of course, talent alone doesn’t cut the mustard in today’s world. You need an eye for sniffing out the right opportunities, and Koy had that in spades. His first television appearance on BET’s ComicView directly resulted from his relentless self-promotion. Imagine renting a theatre and going door-to-door to sell tickets.

Talk about dedication—this one leap of faith quickly branched out into a diversified comedic portfolio.

Comedy specials and tours

But Koy didn’t merely fetch his million-dollar net worth by making people’s sides split with laughter. He also knew how to clinch a good deal and multiply his worth. Observing the lucrative side of comedy, the American stand-up comedian struck gold with Netflix and Comedy Central, churning out endless comedy specials that propelled his popularity and significantly padded his bank account.

Jo Koy's comedy tours across 200 cities in U.S. and Canada have been big money-spinners.

And Netflix specials aren't the only milestones in the Jo Koy net worth story. Performing in over 200 cities across the United States and Canada and pocketing between $50,000 to $100,000 per gig, Koy found his comedy tours to be veritable money-spinners.

Television and film appearances

The year 2022 alone saw him net over $10 million from his nationwide comedy tour that attracted fans like bears to honey. And let’s not even get started on his award-winning Netflix and Comedy Central comedy specials and the uproariously funny The Koy Pond podcast.

Koy has also played up his amusing wit on small screens, making guest appearances on popular TV shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, E!'s late-night show Chelsea Lately, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! His roles in films, although limited, have further come as a boon to his growing wealth. His hilarious portrayals in the Netflix film Elevator Baby and of Vladimir Lenin in Anastasia: Once Upon a Time certainly didn’t go unnoticed.


Contrary to popular belief, TV wasn’t Koy’s only shot at stardom. He became a podcast sensation on the Michael Yo and Jo Koy Show and his very own The Koy Pond, showering his listeners with his unique takes on life, love, and everything in between. These digital endeavors empowered Koy to connect with a broader audience and expanded his income stream's horizons.

And that’s not all. Koy was sharp enough to leverage his celebrity status to the hilt, partnering with well-known brands like McDonald's, Bumble, and Honda for endorsements. These deals zoomed his visibility and reach and comfortably fattened his wallet.

All said and done, Koy's story goes beyond the stages, screens, and podcasts. It's a tale of a man who took chances, disrupted norms, found alternate routes to success, and made people laugh along the way—all the way to the bank, that is, where his fortune today stands at an impressive $5 million.

Koy’s journey is filled with laughter and the jingle of hard-earned coins—a fantastic, rare symphony. So, the next time you split your sides laughing at a Jo Koy special, remember: you’re contributing to his ever-growing fortune.

How Jo Koy invests

Koy has wisely diversified his investment portfolio to keep his financial ship sailing smoothly. Alongside the predictable stand-up tours and comedy specials, Koy invests in a chain of Filipino-themed restaurants and real estate and has launched a line of branded merchandise.


When you think of Jo Koy, comedy surely leaps to mind, but did you know this laugh maestro is also stirring things up in the restaurant world? Yes. Jo Koy's culinary journey is more like an open cookbook than a side note.

The restaurant industry can be a tough egg to crack, but Koy has managed to crack it open with his Filipino-themed establishments. He relies on his heritage to endear customers, creating a gastronomic experience unique to his roots and appealing to a wide demographic.

With his roots tracing back to the Philippines, the beloved comedian couldn't resist the allure of Mary Grace Café, a hotspot known for divine Filipino baked goods. He was so smitten he even openly pined to branch the business out to the States during a comedy gig in Manila. However, the brand’s preference to primarily serve their native market left his plan to bring some Filipino flavor stateside at a standstill.

But fear not, Koy is clearly a man of many hats—and aprons. Not to be deterred, he rolled up his sleeves and cooked up another venture. Koy put on his culinary hat and dipped into Japanese cuisine at none other than Yojie Japanese Fondue, a shabu shabu joint at Village Square in 2015. Undertaking this food blueprint fueled by his and his son's shared love for shabu shabu, Koy showed no signs of backing down.

Koy opened Yojie Japanese Fondue in 2015 out of his love for shabu shabu.

From opening his original Japanese fondue establishment, Yojiè, in 2015, to its closure in 2021 to make way for rotisserie meat and sandwich restaurant Karved, Koy has exhibited a keen eye for turning trends into business opportunities.

Koy demonstrated sharp business acumen when he replaced Yojiè with Karved in 2021.

His other culinary exploits, Kusina Ni Lorraine, a popular Filipino buffet hotspot in Las Vegas supported by Koy's online presence, and Shabu Shabu Paradise, another testament to Koy's love for Japanese fondue, continue to serve flavorsome dishes, enriching the Las Vegas food scene and keeping Koy's gastronomic journey alive and well.

In essence, the comic maestro Jo Koy is cooking through the restaurant scene, displaying an investment appetite as hearty as his explosive humor. His resolve to serve hearty meals resonates with his relentless drive to serve rib-tickling laughter. So, Jo Koy's recipe for success is unmistakably hearty, whether on a comedy or a restaurant floor.


Koy recognized the power of branding early in his career. His merchandise venture Merch Method supports him financially and strengthens his connection with his fans. Through crewneck hoodies, t-shirts, unique Funko collectibles, and even autographed DVDs, Koy has turned comedy into a wearable fashion statement. Every purchase by an adoring fan is a pat on the back and an addition to Jo Koy’s net worth.

Koy's Merch Method initiative highlights crewneck sweatshirts, t-shirts, distinctive Funko collectibles, and even hand-signed DVDs.

The comedian's merchandise, flaunting catchy phrases and fun designs, isn't restricted to clothing alone. Fans happily part ways with their cash to grab collectible items, most notably, a collaboration with Funko, featuring Koy in all his signature comedic glory.

This type of investment fills Koy's pockets and solidifies his brand amongst thousands of individuals, transcending fans into expressing their admiration for Koy in their daily lives, wearing it literally on their sleeves.

Real estate

With a bellowing laugh echoing off of Studio City's hills, renowned comedian Jo Koy swapped punchlines for property portfolios in 2013. Going against the 'funny man' stereotype, Koy proved his acumen as a serious entrepreneur and made his mark in real estate. Koy put his money, hat, and heart into creating a perfect home haven.

His pick? Not just any house, but a modern single-story nest perched atop a tranquil hill, offering him peace amid his bustling career. Koy pumped his money into it like a personal comedy gig, with each additional serving as a punchline boosting its value. The plot took a delightful twist with a two-bedroom guest house, a weight-room garage combo, and a master suite totaling a stunning $1.2 million.

Cooking up a storm in his kitchen, decked with a top-tier Thermador Professional stove and signature KitchenAid set, Koy serves his favorite Filipino dishes like chicken adobo and picadillo, truly bringing a slice of his heritage into his real estate investment.

So, Jo Koy's journey into property isn't just about hardcore real estate strategy. It's about laying out the welcome mat, putting a kettle on, and inviting you into the funnyman’s sanctuary.


Just when you thought Koy had all the wheels he needed, the speed-loving comedian drops the clutch and shifts gears, expanding his collection with a taste for electrifying speed and high-tech wizardry. Adding to his garage's swagger, Koy takes a green turn with the eloquently designed Tesla Model X, combining environmental consciousness with cutting-edge tech.

Koy is a Tesla enthusiast, steering towards sustainability with the elegantly engineered Tesla Model X.

On the other side of his garage, lined with wall-to-wall testosterone, stands a powerful embodiment of British engineering—the $3.3 million McLaren P1. Reveling in its hybrid prowess, this beast is a reflection of Koy's extravagant taste.

And if the Hollywood hills get a bit slippery, Koy has it all figured out with his Range Rover, a staple of luxury off-roading. Besides, he flaunts a Porsche GT3 when he yearns for a spin filled with head-turning sportiness.

The sheer range of Koy's luxury car collection, a display of classic allure and modern trendsetters, boasts his appeal for high-octane fun. However, he still drives home his belief in investing in non-depreciating assets. An impressive lesson from Koy on how to splurge while keeping his eyes on the financial road. Now, that's a ride we wouldn't mind catching a lift on.


Jo Koy doesn't just crack jokes, he cracks open his wallet for good causes. He's behind the Jo Koy Foundation, shaking things up since 2009. The foundation uses the power of laughter to uplift children with medical needs and Filipino non-profits.

Outside the foundation's work, Koy threw $75,000 towards the Filipino non-profit Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA). He’s also dipped into the foundation’s funds to construct a community center in the Philippines. So when it comes to giving back, he doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

Jo Koy investing quotes

Koy is not just a comedian, he's also a highly intelligent investor. He understands the benefits of diversification and spreads his investments between comedy, merchandise, hospitality, and real estate. 

As a result, he's laughing all the way to the bank, with a fortune worth $5 million and counting. And, if his career trajectory continues along the upward curve it's on, expect that figure to keep on rising.

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