Rich Dudes│Exploring Professional Stuntman Steve O's Net Worth
Rich Dudes│Exploring Professional Stuntman Steve O's Net Worth

Rich Dudes│Exploring Professional Stuntman Steve O's Net Worth

Get an inside look at Steve-O's diverse investments, from real estate to book deals, and discover how he turned his Jackass fame into a $4 million fortune. Here’s how his eclectic portfolio maintains his net worth.







Real Estate

Real Estate

Steve-O, born Stephen Gilchrist Glover, is an eccentric British American comedian and stunt performer who has made a name for himself in television and film. After initially finding minor fame on the controversial MTV show Jackass, he gained international attention and propelled his career to new heights.

As of May 2023, Steve O's net worth is $4 million, mainly due to his dangerous stunts in TV shows and outrageous performances in his stand-up comedy and music.

He also invested in a decked-out camper van named Roxanne…for around $1.7 million.

He found further success when he published his autobiography Professional Idiot: A Memoir in which he detailed his entertaining life and revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the making Jackass. While performing live on stage, Steve-O isn't afraid to push boundaries and draw upon his own life experiences to evoke reactions from the audience.

Steve-O, a Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Clown College graduate, is a successful TV personality with a global comedic stage show and a voice for controversial topics. He has worked hard on various projects and TV series to increase his net worth significantly, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Steve-O's personal life had its ups and downs, including a marriage to Brittany McGraw from 2006 to 2008. He may be an American-born clown, but his genetic background is a blend of Canadian, American, and English roots from his parents, Donna Gay Glover and Richard “Ted” Edward. His sister Cindy Glover is also in his family tree.

Steve O net worth at a glance

Net worth

$4 million


June 13, 1974, in London, England


American, British, and Canadian

Became a millionaire at

Around 26


Television personality, stunt performer, comedian, actor, writer

Sources of wealth

TV shows, films, video games, rap albums, autobiographies, brand endorsements, and merchandise

Asset classes

Real estate, cars, and books

How Steve-O made his money

After completing clown college, Steve O hustled, pitching his videos to any producer who would listen. Persistence paid off when he met Jeff Tremaine, the genius behind Jackass, who was on the lookout for new talent to feature in his stunt-based TV show.

Steve-O made his first million dollars through his badass jackass antics and extreme stunts during the first season of MTV's Jackass. He made $500 per stunt, performing the most insane and dangerous actions of a lifetime. While that started to build up his cash, it was the Jackass movie that rocketed Steve-O to millionaire status.

The movie, which also featured Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, and Bam Margera, grossed an impressive $80 million at the box office against a meager budget of only $5 million.

Following the success of Jackass: The Movie, he starred in Jackass Number Two, the final Jackass movie: Jackass 3D and the sequel, Jackass Forever, which opened with a total take of $23.5 million against a $10 million budget. That was the paycheck, so to speak, that pushed Steve-O past the million-dollar mark.

He made more money from his special comedy show Gnarly the TV series Dr. Steve-O, and through his two books which he published and shared with the world through a global stand-up tour, “The Bucket List.”

How Steve-O invests

Stephen Glover has an outrageous portfolio. Steve O’s net worth of $4 million is invested in various assets that generate a significant return—like a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

He has invested in his YouTube channel, SteveO, with over 6.03 million subscribers, providing the foundation for his continued success and potential income streams. He earns extensively through entertainment gigs, sold-out concerts, brand endorsements, YouTube, stand-up comedy tours, merch, and royalties from the Jackass movies.

Steve-O has authored best-selling autobiographies to make this investment as diverse as possible.

Steve-O's investment portfolio is an eco-system where his net worth constantly generates income as it grows yearly. He has some serious investment chops and proves that nobody is too wild to capitalize on the rewards of wise investments.

Real estate

Steve-O's real estate investments are truly where is wealth lies. The Jackass crew member has spent a fair few bucks on luxury properties, which feature all the amenities he may need to live in private luxury.

Steve-O's lavish LA residence is worth approximately $1.1 million.

His $1,162,000 residence in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles, has a high fence security entry gate, an overlapping roofline, and a two-car parking garage. He plans to buy a bigger property and set up an animal sanctuary with his fiancée, Lux Wright.


Steve-O never skimps on his automobile investments. He first purchased a used 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis, a sleek and stylish sedan. While learning to drive, Steve-O bought himself a 1991 Ford Tempo using money he made from a paid medical study.

After hitting fame, it was only fitting that a stand-up comedian like Steve-O took to renting out high-end cars for road trips, such as the infamous Camaro, but decided it was too much for him.

However, his favorite car will always be his daily driver—a 2009 Nissan Versa that cost him $15,080.

He also invested in a decked-out camper van named Roxanne, built by Pioneer Coach Inc, for around $1.7 million.

Whenever the famous comedian takes a break from his daily activities and gigs, he takes off on his favorite road trips from Florida to California in his luxurious cars. So next time you see Steve-O's vehicles on the highway, don't be surprised—he loves to invest in quality vehicles that fit his fun-loving lifestyle.


Steve-O has certainly been investing in books. He owns several books with information about his life, the entertainment industry, and the life lessons he has learned.

One of the books is Professional Idiot: A Memoir. It is a candid, often hilarious look into Steve O's early life, his rise to fame via his participation in the Jackass franchise, and his drug and alcohol addiction through his harrowing journey to recovery.

Steve-O's memoir "Professional Idiot" is available on his official website for $27.

Ten years after his Memoir, the Jackass star released a new book, A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I've Learned From a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions. It gives a clear insight into Steve O's career. He has signed copies of Professional Idiot in New York City, Los Angeles, and nearby cities.

Steve-O's investment in books extends to his other projects as well. From his "Wild Ride! with Steve-O" podcast to his MTV documentary, Steve-O will surely make a name for himself in literature.

Steve-O investing quotes 

1. Start investing now

2. Money should improve lives 

3. Make wise choices