The Five Most Expensive Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards
The Five Most Expensive Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards

The Five Most Expensive Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards

Looking to add some value to your trading card collection? Check out our list of the most valuable Donald Trump trading cards on the market. From autographed editions to rare releases, these cards are sure to impress.



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Are Donald Trump digital trading cards the next Crypto Punks? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a great success for your portfolio.

Originally priced at $99 each, these NFTs feature Trump as a superhero, astronaut, race car driver, and other glorious personas.

On December 15, 2022, it was sold for 3.6 ETH, and just two days later, the buyer exited for 13.5 ETH—bagging 9.9 ETH in profit.

Despite the online mockery, they quickly sold out and generated up to $4.5 million in sales. The cards—created through a licensing agreement between Trump and CIC Digital LLC—fetched between $100,000 and $1 million aftermarket.

After a brief slump in demand, daily sales for Trump's NFTs surged by 800% in January 2023. The momentum continued till Valentine’s Day, when market demand pushed the floor price of the digital trading cards from 0.16 ETH to 0.62 ETH.

If you need a way to spice up your digital wallet, get off of Truth Social, open up Opensea, and buy yourself one of Trump's NFT trading cards. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with the top five Trump NFT trading cards to collect.

Why are Donald Trump trading cards so valuable?

Why would anyone invest in Trump’s digital trading cards? For starters, they're a limited edition collectible with a limited supply of 45,000 NFTs.

The collectibles also came with a unique use case: Buyers competed to win prizes, like a fine dining experience at Mar-a-Lago with former President Donald Trump, a round golf with the former president, or a Zoom call with number forty-five.

If there are a total of 45,000 pieces in the collection, are all of them equally valuable? Absolutely not. Each NFT has unique traits that make it distinct from every other digital trading card, thus each one is valued differently depending on whether it possesses a rare or coveted trait.

Each NFT's rarity is derived from its set of traits. While the floor price gives an overview of the collection’s worth, not all are valued equally.

Not only are Donald Trump's digital trading cards visually stunning, but they also boast an impressive pedigree. Award-winning illustrator Clark Mitchell designed the beautiful imagery of Series 1 and Series 2 Trump Digital Trading Cards.

With over 40 years of experience in digital illustration and design, Clark has built an unparalleled career, working with prominent brands such as Star Wars, Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel, Time Magazine, Coors, Budweiser, Disney, Corona, and Coca-Cola.

The Trump digital trading card collection

Since the cards have a celebrity name attached to them, it’s no surprise that some of his cards are worth a fortune. According to the secondary market data on OpenSea, some cards have sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

Once the collection was released, President Donald Trump announced that the owners of 47 particular Trump NFT trading cards have a chance to win a dinner with him. The fact that some of these digital trading cards were signed by the former president himself boosts their value immensely.

Let’s dive into the top five Trump digital trading cards to make your NFT collection great again.

1. Trump Digital Trading Card #5809

  • Highest Sale Price: ~$66,000 (37 ETH) in December 2022
  • Supply: 1
  • Type: Autographed

Card #5803 from Trump's collection holds the top sale record at 37 ETH.
Source: OpenSea

The most expensive digital trading card in the collection is the autographed one-of-one NFT depicting the former president’s face photoshopped on a tuxedo-clad body. The trading card is black-and-white—giving it a Godfather vibe—with Trump’s autograph on the bottom right side.

Initially priced at $99, the rarity of this card pushed its value up significantly. In December 2022, user Rocka_Fella purchased it for 37 ETH and currently owns 24 Trump NFTs. The floor price for autographed Trump NFTs is around four ETH at the time of writing.

2. Trump Digital Trading Card #2931

  • Highest Sale Price: ~$43,000 (23.99 ETH) in February 2023
  • Supply: 1
  • Type: Autographed

In February 2023, the autographed Trump Digital trading card #2931 sold for 23.99 ETH.
Source: OpenSea

Trump digital trading card #2931 is among the most sought-after cards in the collection, witnessing a significant rise in its value in the secondary market. During the first couple months of 2023, the card was traded for between seven and 24 ETH, showcasing its growing demand.

Its full potential in terms of sales price has yet to be realized, indicating a promising future for this particular NFT.

This NFT card is also black and white and shows Donald Trump dressed in a suit with a Christmas-themed tie and a Santa Clause hat. The NFT has an autograph of the former president at the bottom right corner.

3. Trump Digital Trading Card #1518

  • Highest Sale Price: $99
  • Supply: 1
  • Type: Animated

The rarest Trump NFT card #1518 has not sold since it was minted.  
Source: OpenSea

This card has been ranked the #1 rarest Trump NFT  by Rarity Sniper, and rightfully so. Trump Trading Card #1518 is the only animated Trump NFT in the collection.

Don’t conflate the highest sale price of this card with its current value. Despite the owner not listing this NFT for sale yet, this card has the highest probability of breaking the Trump Digital Trading Card collection price record.

Since it’s the only animated NFT, the floor price for a card with this unique characteristic is difficult to determine since it’s such a new asset.

4. Trump Digital Trading Card #3752

  • Highest Sale Price: ~$36,000 in December 2022
  • Supply: 1

Trump card #3752 sold for 5 ETH in December 2022, featuring Trump posed like the Statue of Liberty.
Source: OpenSea

The Trump digital card #3752 is different from the others in the list because it shows a close-up of the former president in a pose that mimics the Statue of Liberty in front of Lady Liberty herself.

After selling twice for 90x and 4x returns, this card made its previous owners happy.

The first sale was made on December 16, 2022, for 5 ETH, and the new owner sold the same card for a 4x profit the next day. The current floor price of this one-of-one card is four ETH, but this price could surge as the demand grows.

5. Trump Digital Trading Card #6607

  • Highest Sale Price: ~24,000 (13.5 ETH) in December 2022
  • Supply: 1

Card #6607, a gold edition, sold for 13.5 ETH in December 2022, highlighting its distinctive value in the collection.
Source: OpenSea

Trump NFT #6607 is a gold card portraying Trump as a superhero with the letter ‘T’ emblazed on his chest and “45” stamped on his sleeve.

This card was a profitable investment for those who got in early on the Trump NFT action. On December 15, 2022, it was sold for 3.6 ETH, and just two days later, the buyer exited for 13.5 ETH—bagging 9.9 ETH in profit.

Former President Trump made a major announcement on Truth Social that the digital trading cards were a great success. Unfazed by media backlash, Trump announced the launch of the second series of Trump digital trading cards on his Instagram.

Should I invest in the Trump digital trading cards?

Investing in Donald Trump's digital trading cards could be an exciting opportunity for collectors and investors, but it's crucial to acknowledge the risks and potential rewards involved.

These NFTs are unique with limited edition designs, ranging from the former president depicted as a king-of-hearts to him grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. The value of these trading cards has been volatile—floor prices reached an all-time low of 0.00057 ETH ($1.04) at one point but stabilized at around 0.1497 ETH (about $269).

If you're considering investing in Trump's digital trading cards, assessing your risk tolerance and investment goals is essential. While these NFTs may offer impressive short-term returns, there's no guarantee they will maintain their value in the long run or achieve your expected ROI.

Factors like the success of Trump’s future presidential campaigns could influence the value of his NFTs, so staying updated on relevant news and trend developments can help investors make informed decisions.

Investing in alternative assets like NFTs can be unpredictable, so always consult with market experts and conduct thorough research before committing.