Most Valuable 2022 Topps Series One Baseball Cards
Most Valuable 2022 Topps Series One Baseball Cards

Most Valuable 2022 Topps Series One Baseball Cards

The limited edition 2022 Topps Series One Baseball Cards is the ultimate sports card pack to invest in this year. Players like Wander Franco, Brandon Marsh, and Mike Trout are sure to bring out-of-the-park returns.

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Long Term Growth

Long Term Growth

Topps baseball cards have captured the attention of collectors since 1952. The 2022 Topps Baseball Series one is bringing both old and new faces from the game to your palm. From retired stars and rookies to parallels, inserts, and short prints, these cards make for an irresistible package.

Cards from the Topps Series 1 collection offer a potential return for diamond-hand investors.

It’s impossible to ignore iconic players, like baseball rookie phenom Wander Franco, Shohei Ohtani, Vidal Brujan, Hank Aaron, and of course, three-time American League MVP Mike Trout. The best names in baseball also make for some of the best baseball cards to collect.

Every card in this collection is more than just memorabilia—they're bona fide investments. Topps cards can easily be worth thousands of dollars depending on condition, age, and rarity. They’re the perfect way to make your money work for you with a tangible asset. And if you’re a fan of vintage cards and sports collectibles, all the better.

The 2022 series includes a 1987 Topps set for die-hard old-schoolers. If you’re looking for a great way to relive baseball glory while making a nice return, Topps Series 1 Baseball is where it’s at.

Even the world's rich and famous have caught onto the allure of Topps cards.

Rapper Drake dropped over $200,000 to get a Triple Logoman card from Panini, and DJ Steve Aoki spent around a million dollars on a variety of these cards. Even Rob Kardashian got into the game, collecting a rare Honus Wagner card.

These celebrities' acquisitions have brought extra attention to the sports card collecting hobby—meaning the significance Topps cards will likely continue to rise.

What makes 2022 Topps Series 1 baseball cards so valuable?

Investing in cards from Topps Series one could be a home run. While these cards have bragging rights included, what makes them worth all the attention?

Baseball Relic

Featuring limited and unique designs, these cards are filled with detail and real game-used materials like game-worn jerseys, field dirt, bases, and more. Plus, some bear autographs of star sluggers.

Collecting a Topps Series 1 2022 baseball card relic is an investment that you can be proud of. If you ever get your hands on one, you just scored a valuable item that's potentially a highly sought-after collectible.

Short Prints or Variations

Short prints are usually printed in landscape formats and in much lower quantities than base cards. They're a valuable addition to any trading card set as you can often find Hall of Famers and rookies. Most baseball fans know the thrill of collecting exotic sports cards.

Now, imagine how much more exciting it would be to own not just a regular card, but a unique and highly valuable one. You might get that feeling when you pull a Short Print card (SP) from the 2022 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations.

These Short Prints or variations are some of the rarest cards ever as they're printed in much fewer quantities than all the other cards in the set. You might find regular cards in almost every pack, but SPs much harder to find because they're only available in one of every 42 hobby or blasters packs and one in every 13 hobby jumbo packs.

This scarcity makes them much more valuable than base cards, so it's clear why collectors go to great lengths to get their mitts on them. With a Short Print, you have one of the rarest cards in the set and a good store-of-value collectible.

Not only are the variations of Topps series 1 hard to come by, but they're just as unique and valuable as short prints, if not more. Each and every card could have a different CODE#CMP number, and with the thrill of the hunt comes the potential of finding a card that could be worth a fortune.

Don't miss out on your chance to get one of these special cards in your collection. Who knows, your lucky find might unlock awesome value in the future.

2022 Topps Series 1 most valuable cards to invest in

The buzz around the 2023 MLB season is building as fans anticipate plenty of exciting talent hitting the field. Topps Series 1 Baseball Card set is the perfect way to make sure you have a piece of the action with some of the most sought-after and hyped-up cards.

The list never ends, with cards of baseball players from the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Fransisco Giants, and Cleveland Guardians all up for grabs.

With Topps Series 1’s expected to release in February 2023, Wander Franco, Brandon Marsh, Shohei Ohtani, Oneil Cruz, Mike Trout, and Vidal Brujan are just a few of the big names in this stunning set.

Wander Franco has attracted a huge amount of attention due to his stellar 2021 performance, with a triple slash of .288/.347/.463, seven home runs, and two stolen bases. His 2022 Topps Series 1 RC could make him an instant superstar and prove to be a valuable asset for investors in the future.

Brandon Marsh is another exciting prospect, who had been projected to have a .248/.323/.384 triple slash with ten home runs and ten stolen bases for the 2022 season. With over 2097 cards from a range of sets and brands, Marsh’s rookie card could be worth a pretty penny in the near future.

Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout are two established players whose cards can also be found in this set. Ohtani’s 2022 Topps SSP Variation is one of the hottest cards currently on the market, with prices hitting as high as $750. Mike Trout cards could be just as valuable but have recently been selling for bargain prices.

Angels pitcher Shohei Otani featured on the Topps 2022 Series One hobby box and card packs.

Oneil Cruz and Vidal Brujan are two prospects that are already turning heads, with Cruz’s 2021 Topps Gold card reaching a highest of $6,500. Brujan has already been listed as the Rays' No. 1 prospect and No. 12 MLB overall, and his Topps 2022 Base card is currently going for around $35.

Gavin Sheets and Spencer Strider’s cards are also worth keeping an eye on, with Sheets’ 2022 Topps card up to six dollars and Strider’s 2022 Topps SP Variation card hitting $499 in January 2023.

With such potential and talent featured in the Topps Series 1, collectors are eager to turn a profit on these cards in the next couple of years. With the 2022 season wrapped and 2023 on the horizon, investing in any of these cards could be incredibly rewarding.

Without further ado, here are the eight top 2022 Topps Series one cards that will add value to your collection.

1. Wander Franco cards

  • Price Range: $2 to $232
  • Type: Rookie card

The Wander Franco card is one of the hottest new baseball cards right now. As the most hyped prospect since Luis Robert, Franco has been putting up impressive numbers and has captivated the MLB since 2021.

The Wander Franco Bowman Chrome Auto PSA 10 red refractor card sold for a record-setting $198,000 in 2021, making it the highest sale ever for any card featuring a player with no MLB experience.

His 2022 Topps Series 1 card is on track to be the cornerstone of his growing Rookie Card collection, featuring all of his stellar stats. This card, along with his other cards is available in at least 21 sets and has been skyrocketing in value, with the highest price currently clocked in at $232. You can also find Wander Franco in different variations, such as Rainbow Foil, Gold and Gold Foil, Home Field Advantage, and SP.

Wander Franco 2022 Topps card 30-day performance Dec. 2022 to Jan. 2023.

This year, Wander Franco's prospects remain excellent. Most analysts anticipate that Franco will build on the success he achieved in the last two seasons, and the expectation is that his career numbers could approach an All-Star level.

As such, expect the demand for his cards to stay high, and for his card values to remain stable, or increase over the next year. The one caveat for investors is to recognize that Franco's card values could undergo fluctuations and corrections like many other prospects over the past 12 months.

Franco's cards could take a hit if he gets injured or dips out from playing in the American League East. Yet, the future looks bright for Wander Franco's cards and investors have the potential to see strong short term returns.

2. Brandon Marsh 2022 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor

  • Price Range: <$1 to $50
  • Type: Rookie card

Marsh has proven to be an all-star outfielder, having played professionally since 2017. Following his stint with the Orem Owlz, he then moved to the Burlington Bees and Inland Empire 66ers before settling in with the Mobile BayBears in 2019.

His incredible performance over the next three years earned him a spot on the Angels' 40-man roster, and eventually got the chance to play in the big league in 2022. After a successful stint in Los Angeles, the Phillies swooped in and traded for the star outfielder in August of that year.

Brandon Marsh is one of the hottest baseball prospects in recent memory. The former Los Angeles Angels player has made waves in the baseball world through his natural gifts on the diamond and the sheer potential of his career. His cards are among the most sought-after collectibles in circulation, boasting over 2097 editions from various sets and brands.

PSA 9 2022 Topps Brandon Marsh Chrome Purple Speckle Refractor is ultra rare.
Source: ebay/bigfootisreal

From the vivid colors of the refractors to the intricate designs of the Topps Holiday card, Brandon Marsh's cards are undoubtedly something to keep an eye on. The most valuable card in the collection is the Purple Refractor, limited to only 250 editions—and is super scarce.

Regardless of your card collecting experience, Brandon Marsh cards provide something unique for all types of collectors. His most notorious card is the 2022 Topps Gold, which is one of 137 cards in the collection.

The highest price for the card is $200 while the lowest is around $12, including variations such as Platinum, Father's Day Powder Blue, Green Foil, and Vintage Stock. These cards are some of the most desired designs, coupled with his unique position as one of the top prospects in the MLB, these cards are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

3. Shohei Ohtani limited-edition 2022 Topps SSP

  • Price Range: $5 to $750
  • Type: Rookie card

Shohei Ohtani is a name that deserves close attention, if not the top spot on any baseball card collector's list. It's no surprise that his cards are in demand, as the Japanese star is touted as one of the most talented players today. His limited-edition 2022 Topps SSP Variation card saw its price skyrocketing to as high as $400.

Shohei Ohtani's SP variations are so valuable because of its rarity and excellent design, which elevated its status among collectors. Featuring a perfect vertical shot of the athlete above a minimalistic logo, it’s the perfect combination of classic baseball card design and a notorious player.

2022 Topps Shohei Ohtani SSP Candy Cane is a sought-after variation.

The market is starved for more cards of Shohei Ohtani as revealed by its price jump of 3.1% in the past months. Collectors want to get their hands on this item, no matter the cost. It's only a matter of time before the price shoots up even more.

These factors make SP variations of 2022 Topps Shohei Ohtani cards coveted items. Retailers—both local and online—have reported a dramatic surge in sales of the card, and it's widely regarded as one of the most desirable pieces in the sport.

There's no telling how much the card will be worth a few years down the road. For now, however, it's definitely worth collecting if you have the chance, as it could end up being an incredible addition to your collection.

4. Oneil Cruz 2022 Topps Base Chrome 

  • Price Range: $1.50 to $150
  • Type: Rookie card

O’Neil Cruz, a Dominican professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, made his MLB debut in 2021. He signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015 for a $950,000 bonus and made his professional debut with DSL Dodgers 1.

Cruz was added to the Pirates' 40-man roster following the 2019 season and split the 2021 minor league season between Altoona and Indianapolis. That same year in October, he was promoted to the active roster to make his MLB debut and hit his first career home run in Pittsburgh.

2022 Topps Series 1 Oneil Cruz  RC #537 baseball card.
Source: ebay/joshuadlhart

Oniel Cruz’s Topps baseball card is undoubtedly one of the most desired collectible pieces of 2023 because it features a rare design and has been the subject of a steadily increasing price on the secondary market.

For those looking to make a statement, investing in this limited edition card will certainly do the trick. If you’re hesitant about investing in a high-end card like the Oneil Cruz, there are a few online sites that offer discounts.

5. Mike Trout 2022 Topps Series 1 Base Gold

  • Price Range: $8 to $45
  • Highest Sale Price: $157
  • Type: Rookie card

Mike Trout is renowned for his extraordinary career in Major League Baseball. Since his debut in 2012, Trout has continuously shown a high-caliber performance and quickly rose to the top. He posted impressive stats throughout his first five years in MLB, winning two AL MVP awards and cementing himself as one of the greatest all-around players of today.

Investing in Mike Trout's 2022 cards can be highly profitable due to their resale value. A good reference point is the record sale of his rare signed 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Superfractor Rookie card which fetched $3.93 million, and his lesser-graded counterpart which sold for $922,500.

 A high-value 2022 Topps Mike Trout Gold card. 
Source: sportscardinvestor

The most popular Mike Trout cards for this year—namely the 2022 Topps Base Gold, the 2022 Topps Chrome Logofractor Edition Base, and the 2022 Topps Royal Blue—are likely to see higher prices as the market heats up as long as he maintains his all-star status this season. These cards currently sell for between $4 and $141 depending on the grade. The 2022 Topps Series 1 Base Gold usually goes for at least eight dollars, though it has been sold for as high as $157.

Investing in Mike Trout's 2022 cards has a high potential for profit. Trout is a sure-fire Hall of Famer and many of his cards can be found for relatively low prices. As his career advances, investing in his cards can be a wise move over the long term. However, the grading of cards plays a significant role in their worth, and should be kept in good condition to maximize their value.

6. Vidal Brujan 2022 Topps Chrome RC

  • Price Range: $2.50 to $15
  • Highest Sale Price: $35
  • Type: Rookie card

Vidal Brujan is a 24-year-old Dominican second baseman and outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. He joined the Rays in 2014 as an international free agent and made his professional debut in 2015. Since then, Vidal has worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a Midwest League All-Star in 2018, and being added to the Rays 40–man roster following the 2019 season.

Vidal was later selected to play in MLB's 2021 All-Star Futures Game, leading to his call up to the major leagues for the first time on July 7, 2021. Since then, he's been a delight to watch, achieving his first career hit and a home run, and setting the field ablaze with 55 stolen bases in 2018.

2022 Vidal BrujanTopps Chrome card #134 RC.

Vidal Brujan's 2022 Topps Base is an incredibly valuable asset, especially for those looking to invest in an up-and-coming name. Currently, it's worth from $4 to $35 depending on its condition. This card features Brujan in the official Rays uniform—a powder blue with silver details—and is printed on extra thick card stock that’ll last a lifetime.

The appeal of this card goes beyond aesthetics, though. According to FanGraphs, Brujan has been named the Rays' new No. 1 and ranks as No. 12 among all Major League Baseball players. This underscores his potential to be an all-star, even drawing comparisons to Philadelphia Phillies’ Ketel Marte.

The rarer varieties of his card are even pricier, ranging from the scarce Royal Blue, Green Foil, and Vintage Stock to the limited-edition Father's Day Powder Blue, Platinum, and Gold Foil. In some cases, you could find these cards for $50, but even raw versions can be quite expensive.

Vidal Brujan's 2022 Topps Base card features an advanced stats collection that gives an insight into his accomplishments and future potential. It highlights all his strengths and weaknesses, including ground ball percentage, batting average, and bases stolen.

7. Gavin Sheets 2022 Topps Royal Blue card

  • Price Range: $1 to $20
  • Highest Sale Price: $30

Gavin Sheets 2022 Topps Royal Blue card is a collector's dream. This card not only has a timeless design with its intriguing blue background, but it's a collectible with a rising value. The card shows off Gavin in all his glory, like a real-life action figure ready to knock it out of the park. With his signature throwback uniform, he looks like he stepped out of a time machine from the 70s. His powerful batting stance is a true symbol of America's pastime.

Gavin Sheets first began playing for the Chicago White Sox during the 2021 season and has been a fan favorite ever since. With an impressive batting average of .295 and eighty-three runs batted in, his style of play has fans cheering from the stands.

2022 Topps Series One Baseball Rookies card captures Gavin Sheets captured in a moment of glory.

Gavin has already made a name for himself, and his 2022 Topps Royal Blue card is sure to be the talk of the town. In addition to the card's stylish design, it has also been known to increase in value over the past few years.

In 2020, the card sold for only $1.25. But in 2023, the star’s card sells for upwards of eight dollars. It's a great investment opportunity, and as more and more people invest in Gavin Sheets' career, so will collectors in his cards. Though his future is uncertain, Gavin's 2022 Topps Royal Blue card will always be a reminder of his incredible talent.

This card is a great conversation starter as it's a scarce piece of memorabilia. With a combination of solid stats, a 20-homer season on the horizon, and an impressive card value, it looks like a Gavin Sheets card could prove to be a solid pick. So don't wait—invest in players who are underrated today and profit tomorrow.

8. 2022 Topps Spencer Strider RC #509

  • Price Range: $5 to $999
  • Type: Rookie Card

If you think collecting baseball cards is all about the stats, then let’s introduce you to Spencer Strider. This young player is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in the baseball card world. Not only does Spencer have an impressive biography—he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the fourth round of the 2020 Major League Baseball Draft and broke the Braves strikeouts record in 2022—but his cards have some serious bang for your buck.

Spencer’s most expensive card is the 2020 Bowman Draft Chrome Gold #BD-20 Spencer Strider PSA 10—it’s worth over $3,500 and could make any collector drool. You’ll need to part with five dollars to own a 2022 Topps Strider. His cards also have some stunning designs with intricate detail and vibrant colors. Spencer’s cards look great in any collection. Plus, with limited copies of his 2022 Topps #509 Rookie card up for grabs, it’s sure to be a collector’s grail for 2023.

The 2022 Topps Series 1 Spencer Strider Rookie #509 RC Card. 

Collecting baseball cards is a fun and rewarding hobby. Topps baseball cards have long been among the most sought-after cards available, and their 2022 Series are sure light a spark in the eye of serious collectors. These cards feature fan-favorite players and are an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio.

Are 2022 Topps Series one cards a good investment?

Collectible cards are one of the hottest commodities right now, and if you're a smart investor, now is the ideal time to get in on the action. For the most valuable cards, turn to those featuring famous players from the MLB's rich history. Rarity and condition are what make a card valuable, so even the most exciting cards must meet those requirements to be good investments.

This premier set is jam-packed with rookie cards of up-and-coming stars. Cards from the Topps Series 1 collection offer a potential return for diamond-hand investors. Iconic players like Mike Trout and Vidal Brujan are featured in the set, and big names can mean big profits if you know your way around the collectibles market.

To top it off, Gavin Sheets and Spencer Strider's cards can also be found in the Topps Series 1 set, with the former worth up to six dollars. Baseball card collecting has evolved from a pastime to a viable and lucrative investment. With the rarity and grade of the cards making them increasingly valuable, exposure to his set can be rewarding.

Investing in sports cards requires endurance, a sharp eye, and a dash of luck. Diversification is key—all it takes is one big win to recover from all your losses. Cards from a Topps collection can be a smart investment if you’re willing to take the chance, so grab as many as you can before prices soar.